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Hi, I’m Sharon, and I’m your spokesperson for the Online Casino video series. In this episode, we look at the best ways to win money in an online casino. Today, we’re going to look at how to make money playing online baccarat through basic strategies.


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Baccarat is an exciting game where players can bet on either the player or the banker’s hand. That’s the first thing to know. The game aims to reach as close to 9 as possible, with number cards having a face value, 10 through king having a value of zero, and aces being worth one. You win back whatever you win on a player’s hand and generally 95% of the bet on the banker’s hand with the casino taking a 5% commission — nice easy game. True, but some tips can help to increase those odds and make sure you walk away with a win.

# Tip number 1: Bet on the banker

Most baccarat strategists advise putting money on the banker as the odds of winning are higher, which is why the casino adds its five percent commission. A good baccarat strategy is to start betting on the banker and sticking with it until it has its first lose. But watch out: once the banker has lost a hand, wait another hand before switching to player

# Tip number 2: Avoid baccarat systems

Like roulette, baccarat is a game of pure chance when a new hand bears no relation to any previous hands. Therefore, any baccarat strategy proposed as a way of increasing your chances based on the results of previous hands is highly unlikely to reward your efforts.

# Tip number 3: Choose the game with few decks

Perhaps the only way of increasing odds in your baccarat game is to choose with as few several decks as possible. The odds of winning go down with the number of decks. So choose a seat at a table with six decks or fewer.

# Tip number 4: Card counting

In baccarat, card counting can be done quite easily by simply multiplying the number of color cards in a pack (12) by the number of decks (for example, four decks) and counting down from the total (i.e. 96). Counting down from this total is an easy way of keeping track of the number of color cards remaining in the deck as each new hand is dealt.

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