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Poisson distribution sports betting strategy

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Welcome to another episode from the Maxbet tips video series. In this video, we are going to discuss the Poisson distribution sports betting strategy. This strategy could be useful when progressing in your betting path or career. For years, smart bettors have taken their betting to an entirely new height by using statistical analysis to predict the final score of an event. Their dedication to this method gives them a critical edge over the rest. And one of these analytical tools that have proven relevant and famous is the Poisson distribution.

Now, what is this Poisson distribution sports betting strategy?

The distribution was developed by the 19th-century French mathematician Simeon Denis Poisson. It is a theory that can be used when combined with historical sports data to get the most likely outcome of an event. In the sports betting context, the strategy is a reasonably simple method where you use the averages of historical game results to discern and establish the likelihood of the range of possible scores of a sporting event. This is why it has become an indispensable strategy when wagering on events where the scoring happens on a relatively small scale and increases in one.

Examples of events you can apply this sports betting strategy to are soccer, hockey games, and some NFL props wagering. You can use the distribution to determine the possible final score by calculating the “Attack Strength” and “Defense Strength” of the opposing teams. Thereafter, you can compare them. Mainly, it involves some basic mathematics and statistical analysis. After you have calculated the highest probable number of goals that each team might score, you can then use a Poisson distribution calculator to determine the probability of a range of scoring outcomes for each group.

Meanwhile, the distribution is limited in the human element factor. In other words, for every sporting event, human elements like injuries, locker room dissent, and human error all play a dramatic impact on the outcome of the events. We hope these tips are useful! To know more sports betting strategies, stay tuned to MaxBet Tips video series. ‘Till then, all the best!


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