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2020 Esports Events To Bet On

2020 Esports Events To Bet On blog featured image2020 Esports Events To Bet On blog

Did you know that Esports events are one of the fastest-growing betting markets in 2020? And has been on the rise for the better half of the last decade. The growing trend of esports games and betting has led to competitions and major events surrounding Esports games. Some of the most popular games with the highest winnings include Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA, Counter-Strike, FIFA, Overwatch and much more. There are several events to look forward to in 2020. So it’s essential to keep track of the most critical events punters could stand to profit from. It’s important to note the outbreak of COVID-19. Most sporting events have either been delayed or rescheduled for a later date. Stay on the lookout in case tournaments choose to shift online.

Top 2020 Esports Events

Esports games are growing at a phenomenal rate. And punters can make the most by following news and information on some of the top events that are yet to take place this year. Knowing the participants, the games, the plays, and odds can really help a punter make an informed bet. That works to a punter’s advantage versus when making a random bet. Here are some of the top Esports events to bet on in 2020:

1. Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite is currently one of the most viral online games in the world, with one of the fastest-growing audiences. That, along with a total prize of more than a hundred million Dollars, makes the Fortnite World Cup one of the most anticipated and lucrative events for players. And not just players, as well as options for bettors in the world’s top E-sporting game.

2. The International DOTA Championships

The international DOTA championship is the next top event for 2020 players should follow. Although it’s important to note, the game is restricted to the game DOTA 2. The total prizes for the event are worth over $33 million, with the tournament champions taking almost half of that kitty. Several players around the world play DOTA or are familiar with the game. And that would definitely give them a betting edge.

3. League of Legends World Championship

The world championship for the game League of Legends is due to take place later in the year and is held in the same location each year, China. Punters can bet on qualification rounds as well as the final shots that follow and make a decent sum from this gaming event that’s third on the list.

4. BlizzCon

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the top videogame makers in the North Atlantic region that also hosts a trendy event called BlizzCon. This classic franchise event has been organized every year for the last 15 years and expects more than 40,300 people to attend and take part in the event this year. This event features several games and not just a single game, so punters looking to bet on multiple sports at the same time. Some of the games available for punters to bet on include World of Warcraft, Overwatch, etc.

5. International Esports Federation World Championship

This event is the last on the list but deserves a good mention as punters can bet on several games at this Olympic type event for esports gamers. Similar to BlizzCon, this event is held each year and has had 12 events over the years so far. The best players from various countries compete for the championship spot in games such as DOTA, Tekken, PES 2020 and much more.

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