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Difference Between Gaming and eSports

Difference Between Gaming and eSports Blog Featured ImageDifference Between Gaming and eSports Blog

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Are you an eSports fan? Do you have what it takes to contend and contest in the eSports arena? Hello! I’m Samantha and I’m the spokesperson for eSports betting video series by Rescuebet. In today’s episode, which is a continuation of our series on eSports betting, we will discuss the difference between gambling and eSports. What differentiates these two terms? It is important to know lest you keep using them interchangeably or confusing one for another.

eSports vs Gaming

eSports is a sporting activity. The general term used for sporting activities is gaming. Specifically, gaming encompasses gambling in different contexts through gaming can be used more broadly for transactions that are not financially related. So what about gaming? Gaming can include online video games, multi-player role-playing games, among others, which use real currency. If you take a closer look at the definition of eSports and what it entails, you would agree that eSports is a collection of games. Some of these games are such that the players fight against opponents in a sorcery or fantasy game. This is where gambling comes in. You are expecting a sum as an outcome in which case one player enjoys another’s loss.

Relationship & differences in terms of growth

Recently, the global eSports audience size has been reported to grow over 250 million by 2021. In fact, titles like League of Legends and Dota now have a massive audience that traditional broadcasters cannot boast of. By introducing gambling into eSports, it opens new revenues up for publishers- including tickets and merchandising, broadcaster fees, increased in-game revenue and some advertising revenue.

Bringing the context into perspective, it means that with eSports- which is a game, a model has now been established to generate some new revenue platform that allows players to contest against one another to win prizes. Elsewhere, when players now participate in eSports tournaments for cash or other prizes of value, the players involved could use the gambling act. It is, however, a common argument from publishers that players are displaying their skill and the platforms should not in any way be regulated. But video games use random number generators to determine the events and the result of tournaments.

Specifically, according to the Gambling Commission, some games require a high level of skill, but with the presence of some randomly generated elements, they can operate within the Act. Therefore, video games are only treated as games of chance, even where the player’s skill is the most determining factor.

I hope this information helps you spot the Difference Between Gaming, and eSports better. That way, you’ll make informed and educated decisions like a pro bettor. To become a better esports bettor, subscribe to our channel and stay tuned with all upcoming episodes in this video series and start learning today! See you soon!


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