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Esports is by far one of the fastest-growing sporting and betting markets. Esports is considered a legitimate sport with competitive players, leagues, tournaments, teams, rosters, sponsors, and organizations. Live streaming was one of the main factors that helped propel Esports gaming to the big companies. Most Esports fans are 35 years and under, coinciding with the growth of the internet and online games.

Gamers play competitive games such as Defence of the Ancients or DOTA2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter Strike-Global Offensive, FIFA, PES, PUBG, Starcraft, Rocket League, etc. While they were developed for solo play or players playing at home, tournaments and leagues helped develop the game to a highly competitive level, with cash prizes and sponsorships increasing each year. Sponsorship contracts can go into millions of dollars per year, and each team can sign on with multiple sponsors. The International Esports Federation governs all Esports gaming. Esports players are on par with professional athletes for most sports regarding salaries, benefits, sponsorships, titles, and more. Esports is in due consideration to be classified as an Olympic sport in a few years.

As Esports gained more popularity, bettors started making more wagers and creating new betting markets for betting on different Esports games. Today, the Esports betting market is expected to continue to grow for the next few decades with the influx of new gamers, fun, and gaming technology. However, players initially resorted to match-fixing, throwing away games, and cheating to gain an unfair edge or better compensation. As the sport grew, so was the regulation, standardization, player’s salaries, and winnings.

Asia’s Top Esports Betting Platform

Punters have several Esports betting platforms to choose from based on each punter’s location, betting preference, incentives, and features relating to the forum, such as the design of the platform, the user experience, the odds on offer, the betting markets available, and more. Asia’s top three esports betting platforms include:


CMD368 is one of Asia’s leading sportsbooks that also operates globally with complete sports betting licenses to operate in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and more. Punters gain access to more than 2000 sports betting options which include Esports games. Fans and punters can access the platform and sort their betting options as per the time of fun, category of games, league, and outright. The most popular betting market is the match-winner, with the odds of both teams competing listed next to each other.

Some of the tournaments and matches listed on CMD368 that punters can bet on include Call of Duty, Valorant, League of Legends, Dota2, etc., featuring Loud and Pain Gaming teams team liquid, and more. CMD368 also signed Robert Pires as the brand ambassador and is looking to partner with Esports teams. Apart from sports and Esports betting, punters can also make wagers on casinos, slots, fishing, poker, and the lottery.


SBOBet is another popular sports and Esports betting platform for punters in Asia and Europe. The sportsbook sponsors teams across Europe, South America, and Asia, such as Mohun Bagan FC, Leeds United FC, Southampton FC, and other top teams across the globe. As a result, SBOBet has a massive fan base and is a preferred betting platform for Esports punters.

Punters can access the platform in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Thai, Japanese, French, Indonesian, Korean, and other popular languages. Most of SBOBet’s demographic is from the US (about a quarter), and the rest dominate South-East Asian regions. Soccer, American football, and tennis are the most popular sports on SBOBet. In addition, punters can make wagers on Esports games with no limits through SBOBet on famous Esports tournaments and matches from across the globe. However, punters don’t have access to many promotions or bonuses with SBOBet directly.

Saba Esports

Saba is a premium sports betting platform with extensive sports betting options. Punters gain access to over 1500 sporting events to bet on each week and over 4000 betting markets. In addition, punters can bet on several Esports events within Saba Esports’ betting options. Punters can make wagers on some of the top Esports games such as Fortnite, PUBG, COD, DOTA2, FIFA, and more. Asian punters prefer the Saba sports platform because it’s easy to use, operate and a highly customizable betting dashboard for punters.

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