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CMD368 is one of Asia’s top sportsbooks with a large fan base across South-East Asia and a growing fan base across other regions of Asia and Europe. Punters can place wagers on several sporting events such as football, rugby, snooker, boxing, MMA, tennis, golf, table tennis, polo, and several popular sporting events taking place across the globe through the CMD368 sportsbook. Apart from sporting events, CMD368 also features keno games, live casinos, lottery betting, poker, virtual sports betting, and Esports betting. Esports betting is one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia and the world. Punters can place wagers on Esports games on various teams such as MVP Gaming, VTG, North, Fnatic, and more in CS: GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, FIFA, PUBG, and more.

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Bet In Rescuebet Platform

CMD368 Reviews

Some of the top reviews for CMD368 sportsbook include access to multiple betting events, some restrictions on wagers, extensive customer service support, footballing legends as brand ambassadors, and more:

1. Betting Events

Punters gain access to over 2000 live sporting games from across the globe, with all games refreshed every week. With each sport, a punter can place multiple wagers on different events, on the same event at other points in time, and various bets on the same event through different betting markets. Some of the betting events players gain access to include the Euros, EPL, the World Cup, La Liga, the Indian Premier League, the French Open, the Australian Open, Grand Prix, and more. CMD368 is a popular betting choice for punters because bettors gain access to several betting options on a single platform.

2. Restrictions On Wagers

CMD368 has the right to stop taking wagers from punters based on abnormal betting patterns. The platform has a risk-protection system based on the bets and types of wagers punters make with the sportsbook. So while punters can make wagers with higher betting limits, a punter is restricted in specific ways to the frequency of bets and types of bets made. Most punters bypass this restriction by signing up with a trusted and established affiliate that enables punters to make wagers, make use of promotions, betting tools, etc., while using CMD368.

3. Customer Service

CMD368 is a large enterprise with operations spread across several countries. While customer complaints may not be frequent, the sheer number of bets on the platform means customers will require customer service and support for various aspects such as queries, non-processed transactions, void bets, terms of wagers, and cancellations. Punters have access to over 200 customer support personnel accessible at any time in the day throughout the year. In addition, customer support can be contacted by phone, chat, and video.

4. Brand Ambassador

CMD368 signed Robert Pires as the official brand ambassador for the platform for the upcoming Euros 2020 (to be played in the Summer of 2021). While the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the official schedule of the Euros back by a year, CMD368 and Pires will use this opportunity to promote the upcoming tournament through advertisement and sponsorship. Punters associate the brand ambassador agreement as a positive step for CMD368, giving it more brand recognition and a wider betting audience to target. Pires is a current Arsenal coach and a former Arsenal and French footballing legend. Pires has won the English Premier League (as part of the invincibles) and the FIFA World Cup (1998). In addition, the French winger was voted by Arsenal fans as the 6th greatest footballer to don an Arsenal jersey for the club.

5. Betting Odds

Punters gain access to several betting markets with some of the most competitive odds. A punter stands to win more on the same bet versus making a bet with another bookie. CMD368 is very popular among Asian bettors because of its superior betting odds.

CMD368 Through Rescuebet

Punters can sign up with CMD368 through Rescuebet and access several betting advantages, bonuses, and perks. Punters don’t have access to such bonuses and promotions without using a trusted affiliate such as Rescuebet. By signing up with Rescuebet, punters can access weekly rebates of up to 15% during losing weeks, a 100% welcome bonus by signing up, a referral bonus for referring other punters to the platform, and bonuses on different games and services. A punter can even make transactions of deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin as a payment method on Rescuebet.

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