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Mastering Live Arbitrage Betting: A Study On Effective Strategies

Mastering Live Arbitrage Betting Blog Featured ImageMastering Live Arbitrage Betting Blog

Arbitrage Betting is one of the most underutilized yet one of the safest betting strategies punters can adopt. Arbitrage wagers present themselves when different providers or casinos price odds differently. Punters can take advantage of the difference in odds and profits offered by various bookies by placing a bet with bookie A and laying the same wager with bookie B. Alternatively, punters can also engage in complex arbitrage wagers, including buying from A, selling to B, buying from B, and then selling to C.

Arbitrage wagers don’t bring in excessive profits but only limited or fractional profits. However, punters can be assured of a profit when they find a live arbitrage betting strategy that occasionally pops in different betting markets. Arbitrage betting strategies are best suited for punters with a large bankroll and conservative punters who like winning low but consistent profits on each wager made.

Live Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Some of the best live arbitrage betting strategies adopted by professional punters from across the globe include following different betting providers, maintaining enough funds to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity, using arbitrage wagers to rectify bad bets, using trusted betting resources online, considering the number of total outcomes, and specific betting events.

1. Follow Different Providers

Following different providers gives a punter the best opportunity to seize an arbitrage wager because odds can significantly change before and during a game. By following various providers, a punter can compare the best odds, different features, and the most profitable wager before laying and making a wager. Punters can follow odds comparison websites that list 20 to 40 providers from across the globe, along with the types of wagers and the odds on a particular bet. Making a wager on the best odds gives a punter the highest probability of making the most profit on a single chance.

2. Maintain Enough Funds

One of the biggest reasons punters can’t make a significant profit from an arbitrage wager is because each punter is limited by their betting funds. If a punter has a considerable bankroll to spend on a single bet, they can significantly profit from the difference between two types of wagers. In short, punters with more funds can make a considerably higher profit than punters with lesser funds at their disposal on the same arbitrage wager.

3. Rectifying Bad Bets

One of the most critical uses of arbitrage wagers is to secure a punter or serve as insurance if an unlikely event occurs. For example, consider a punter making a wager on Barcelona to beat Chelsea because that seems the most likely outcome. However, after making a wager, Chelsea holds more possession, scores a goal, and looks likely to achieve another. A punter can rectify a lousy bet by making a wager on the opposite outcome, Chelsea to win or even a draw outcome. Punters should always consider making alternative wagers if the original chance placed isn’t going as expected.

4. Using Rescuebet Resources

Punters can access online arbitrage betting resources listed on the Rescuebet platform. On Rescuebet, punters can watch, save, read, and download betting content ranging from sports wagers, casino wagers, slot games, lottery betting, sportsbook reviews, compare odds, and spot arbitrage opportunities. Fans who sign up today gain access to the latest Rescuebet offers and promotions, such as first wager rebate, rebates on losses, cash backs, free spins, etc.

5. Number Of Outcomes

Different types of betting events have a different number of outcomes that can impact a punter’s arbitrage betting strategy. For example, a sports wager such as football or a casino wager such as baccarat has three products for a punter: win, draw, or lose. Other games such as tennis have two outcomes, and a draw is unlikely in most other sports.

6. Specific Betting Events

Punters can’t make arbitrage bets or wagers on events with consistent odds across providers or games. Limited arbitrage betting opportunities include wagers on slot games, specific casino games, or even a coin toss. However, punters can place bets on most sporting events where the odds are decided by the bookie and the number of wagers placed by punters on specific outcomes.

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