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Comparing Total Goals And Asian Handicap

Comparing Total Goals And Asian Handicap Blog Featured ImageComparing Total Goals And Asian Handicap Blog

Punters participate in several betting markets when making soccer wagers because predicting the outright result of a game can be challenging to expect, if not inconclusive. Betting markets allow punters to participate in different betting events based on a single soccer game outside, making a wager on the direct outcome. Punters who are adept at predicting the number of goals scored, the timing of the plans, the player most likely to achieve, etc., can make profitable wagers in different types of soccer betting markets.

The most popular betting markets punters participate in include the total goals betting market and the Asian handicap market. Both betting markets share one common feature that’s attracted punters for decades. Most traditional football wagers involve making a wager in one out of three outcomes, with the possibility of a draw highly likely in a game of football. The total goals and Asian handicap betting markets eliminated the need for a draw option and enabled punters to make wagers on one out of two possible outcomes.

Total Goals Betting

The total goals betting market enables a punter to make a wager on the number of goals teams will score. Punters don’t have to be 100% certain on how many plans will be cut in a game. However, a punter should estimate if the number of goals scored will exceed a certain predetermined number of purposes. Punters can take advantage of teams that usually score a high or a low number of goals but aren’t in form, which means they most likely will perform the opposite of expected. Punters can profit through an total goals wager during such betting situations. Some of the features of the total goals betting market include:

  1. A draw result is impossible because goals are set at fractions such as 1.5, 2.5, 5.5, etc.
  2. Need to follow the goal scoring and conceding ability of both teams participating in a game.
  3. Easy to understand and learn to implement.
  4. Requires extensive studying of past performance, goal scoring, and other essential metrics.
  5. 5Betting on unexpected results in the highest profit but the lowest probability of occurring.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting gives a team an advantage and the other a handicap to overcome for a punter to win a wager. The weaker team is usually given the edge (more goals) while the stronger team is given the handicap (fewer goals). By the end of the game, the stronger team has to beat the underdogs by a certain number of destinations and not just beat the group by a goal to win the wager.

In a football game, punters can make wagers on half and quarter handicap goals. A half or 0.5 goals are added for every purpose the underdog scores in the game, making it harder for the stronger team to win. In essence, both teams are evenly matched by giving the handicap to the weaker team. A quarter handicap includes increasing the goals scored by 0.25 for every goal scored by the underdogs.

Some of the features of the Asian handicap betting market include:

  1. Draw results and original stakes are refunded to the punter in the event of a draw.
  2. Need to predict the game’s result based on the edge or handicap given to the underdog.
  3. Harder to understand versus total goals betting, but generally more straightforward than most other betting markets.
  4. Requires punters to study the performance and form of both teams playing in the fixture.
  5. Betting on expected results in a lower payout for punters.


Strategies discussed have pros and cons depending on the game and betting situation. A punter should consider participating in a particular betting market depending on the betting opportunity and the risk ratio to the expected reward. Asian handicap wagers make games more exciting than they are by matching both squads in terms of goals. However, that makes predicting the correct result all that harder. The total goals market can be quickly expected for teams with a continuous good or bad form, and groups performing can throw off a punter’s total goals predictions.

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