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Top Sports Betting Markets To Bet On

The top sports betting markets to bet on in the 21st century

Top Sports Betting Markets To Bet On blog featured imageTop Sports Betting Markets To Bet On blog

Sports betting is widely loved for a lot of reasons. It is easy to grasp, quite entertaining, and it has the potential to be very, very profitable.  In fact, one might go so far as to say that “widely loved” is an understatement. As of 2020, the industry is worth over 100 billion USD, and it is expected to grow by more than145 billion USD in the next 4 years. And these figures have only taken into consideration legal sports betting markets.

Top Sports Betting Markets

The one thing about the sports betting industry that has to be commended is its variety. If a sport exists, and if it aired on television, it is pretty much guaranteed that you can place a bet on it. But since sports are so different from each other, their betting markets differ vastly. This makes betting on some sports easier than others. And betting on some sports is more profitable than others. Keeping this in mind, let us explore some of the top sports betting markets.

1. Association Football

This one is on the list for obvious reasons. As the most popular sport in the world, it is also the most popular sport to bet on. What this gives punters is the ease of access. Pretty much every online sportsbook out there has plenty of football markets for punters to bet on. Additionally, since every single provider wants you to choose them over their competition, they try their best to win you over. What this results in is great rates and bonuses all year round. Furthermore, given the number of people who partake in football betting,  you will never be short on resources. This includes guides that consist of tips and tricks that will help the reader beat the bookie, stats expert opinions, line-up information. There is plenty of TV and online coverage too. Betting on football is a smart choice.

2. Betting On Tennis

One of the key issues to factor in when choosing a sport to bet on is predictability. Nothing is easy to bet on, but tennis has the tendency to a lot more predictable than most other sports. This is because there are only two, or at the most four, people playing at a time. One does not need to take into account the form of an entire team of players to make a prediction. Like football, tennis also has a wide variety of betting options, and a lot of the time, something as simple as picking the favorite is more than enough to rake in a huge profit.

3. eSports Betting

Many professional punters would say that betting is less about making accurate predictions, and more about gaining an edge over the bookmaker. They’re the ones you want to beat. eSports betting is relatively new to the world of betting, and it has only been around for the past few years. It is, however, growing exponentially. The point is when it comes to eSports, the lines a lot less sharp when compared to other more mainstream sports. And the bookies, who are usually not all too familiar with the latest installment of Call of Duty, may not factor in plenty of nuances when calculating the odds. Inaccurate odds means a bigger opportunity to find value betting situations. This results in a higher return on investment for the punter.

4. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Wagering on MMA pretty much clubs the benefits of betting on eSports and betting on tennis together. It is a niche sport with only two people partaking at a time. All you need is solid knowledge about how MMA works, and you’re all set. Since it isn’t the popular sports in the world, bookmakers do have the tendency to mess up the odds, which makes beating them easier to bet on. Also, there are a lot less one needs to take into consideration when making a prediction when compared to a team sport such as football or basketball.

5. Betting On Golf

Golf is the ideal game to bet on for those of us who are a little more laid-back and relaxed, the ones who dislike the fast-paced, high energy auras that most other sports fans seem to thrive off of. The sport also has several markets, as well as tournaments that take place all round the year. The game is easy to understand, as is not as volatile or high energy as soccer or basketball. Due to all of these factors, golf can be a very profitable sport to bet on.

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