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Risk-Free Strategies For ‘Both Teams to Score’ In Soccer

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When placing sports bets, one big question comes to mind: How can I find an accessible market where I can win repeatedly?

Beforehand, there is no market that we can classify as “easy.” All forms of sports betting demand challenges and high levels of knowledge. That is, we need information about the event and everything related to what the bookmaker offers: odds, lines, and so forth. But a specific football betting market offers many possibilities to bet with a high profit. This market is Both Teams To Score or BTTS.

Understanding Both Teams To Score Or BTTS

Although there are a variety of bets generated within this market, the primary thing you should start with is knowing what BTTS means. It turns out to be one of the most fascinating and simple markets. As its name defines, BTTS is a market in which the two teams facing each other in a match must score goals. If no one scores, we are not talking about BTTS. Of course, from this premise, many options arise within this market. Indeed, besides both teams scoring at least one goal, you can bet on the total number of purposes, over/under, plans in the first or second half of the match, or who scores first. Regardless of whether one team wins and the other loses, as long as they both score goals, we are in the BTTS market.

What You Need To know About The BTTS market

Like any other sports betting market, the BTTS requires you to understand certain aspects, and managing detailed data is essential.

  • So, to win the bet, you need both teams to score at least one goal.
  • So, you must know the average number of goals received and scored by each team.

Generally, the teams in the middle of the standings are good options to bet on in this market.

Strategies To Win At The BTTS Market

Among the most recommended strategies you need to consider, the most important is to avoid placing bets on the BTTS market for derbies or classics. Because in these matches, the teams’ behavior changes, no matter where they are in the standings. Great rivalries often generate unexpected results. So, the first recommendation is to let these matches pass and focus on regular season matches between mid-table teams. Since it is a famous market, do not expect high odds. The BTTS is a market to specialize in and learn how to bet to generate profit in the medium and long term. This market offers multiple bets, but knowing the teams’ performance is the weapon every bettor must handle.

Control the stake. Placing large bets when you are unfamiliar with this market is not advisable. Please take advantage of the matches that offer a good option to bet on, and do not rule out betting on them, even though they offer low odds. Remember that you need to maintain your bankroll. Unlike other markets, where you look for teams that don’t concede many goals, here it’s the opposite. Those teams that offer a balance of goals scored and conceded are ideal teams to bet on. And for these teams, the home/away factor rarely affects the outcome.

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