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Bet On Football Without Losing

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Losing a football bet is never on anybody’s agenda, even when it is done just for fun. Having money while having a lot of fun is a proposition that only football betting can offer. Betting without losing can become your reality when you have acquainted yourself with zero risk no-lose betting methods. Let’s find more about these methods in the coming sections.

Bet In Rescuebet Platform
Bet In Rescuebet Platform

Types Of No-Lose Bets

Most of the premises tell you the ideal ways of betting and making money. They hardly tell about the tricks that could help win more and often. Deep research by an experienced bettor strategist has brought these no-lose betting methods to the light.

  • Value betting: This betting method acknowledges the fact that bets don’t end in a win always. Thus, the bettors analyze in advance how many bets they are likely to lose. Then, with practice and research, they master the way to place the bet only when the odd is in their favor. It helps cover the losses.
  • Arbitrage betting: It involves placing bets at multiple bookies sites. The sites are selected based on the difference in odds these offer. In this style, the player favors team A at one bookie site and opposes it in the other. He employs his knowledge and chooses that odd to invest more where he thinks chances of winning are high. By doing so, his overall earning will always show an increase irrespective of the outcome. It is also called a sure bet.
  • Match betting: Many bookmakers roll out several lucrative offers, free bets, free betting offers, etc., before the match’s start. Bettors can avail these opportunities that require them to invest less and make more gains.
  • Trading odds and lay betting: When the bets change during the match in a live betting situation, the bettors may lay the bet at a new odd. It helps him win from the changing conditions and allows him to change the fate of the bet.

Similarly, trade betting is where you make lots of bets together and have wins overpassing the losses by leveraging the changing conditions.


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Proven Strategies That Help Bet Without Losing

Types of betting methods in the section above work mostly when you have multiple resources to bank upon. If you have restricted choices and want to maximize wins, you must consider:

  • Doing in-depth research: Your research on historical records coupled with situational analysis equips you with the best knowledge pool that can make any bet a winning proposition.
  • Don’t get carried away by favorites: It is always advisable to stress the current form and the team’s overall strength. If a favorite has attained this position only due to accidental wins in a row, you may shift your focus to the other team to avoid losses due to excessive favoritism.
  • Employ a tipster or handicapper: Betting industry is growing. It is heading towards cutthroat competition. Every betting site wants to be the best and the most favorite. Such conditions have made way for the handicappers or tipsters. They can pick the best bets for you and also suggest the site. With such a readymade solution in hand, the chances of losing decline mostly. Using football tipster experience, you can speed up the betting procedure and place more bets in a day. It helps spread risk and make more money on a good day.
  • Know when to stop: Betting is to be practiced without any bias or desperation always. Many bettors tend to bet one after the other if one loss instance occurs. It shows that you are heading for a speedier downfall. Instead of trying to make a bad day into a good one, call it a day and start with fresh energy and better learning the next time. Betting frantically on coming bets to cover the first bet’s loss does not guarantee success; remember that always!

Summing Up

If you want not to lose a bet, always think from your head. Don’t give into unusual temptation; instead, research to get the move right. Follow the tips above to avoid losses. Besides, you can choose to stay away from betting parlays too, where a single bet loss can crumble down your castle of small bets. Think smart and be disciplined – everything becomes easier when you have attained this mindset while betting.

Bet on Football Without Losing


  • Is there a way to bet without risk?

    While a punter cannot eliminate risk (ultimately) while making a wager, a punter can learn to minimize their exposure to danger. Punters can apply sports betting strategies to wagers, such as bet sizing strategies to limit how much is wagered in each bet, utilizing bonuses, and adopting statistical and betting software to make more consistent wagers.

  • How do bookmakers ensure that they don’t lose money?

    Bookmakers also limit their level of risk based on the number of wagers placed on a particular outcome. If too many punters place a bet on a specific product, incentivized bookmakers change the odds to attract more chances on the other outcome/outcomes. Bookmakers are always at risk of losing money and cannot eliminate that risk. However, bookmakers can minimize that risk and do so in several ways.

  • Why do I keep losing in sports betting?

    A punter can take a step back and analyze past wagers to see where they’re making a mistake and why they lose. They can then use this information to make better wagering decisions and fix costly mistakes.

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