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4 Top Games Played In eSports

4 Top Games Played In eSports Blog Featured Image4 Top Games Played In eSports Blog

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In today’s video, we will discuss about the top games played in esports. Before we continue, hit the subscribe button if you’re not following us yet– so you won’t miss any of the episodes in this video series. Now let’s get into it. We will highlight the different top games played in esports as of today, and why we think they deserve the respective spots.

Top Games Played in eSports

Competitive gaming has been a famous pastime for years now. Meanwhile, the money and industry around the top esports games are still developing. Based on factors like viewership, events, and overall success, the top games played in esports are:

#1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It’s been eight years since the counter-strike: the global offensive game was launched. It has since then maintained its top position as one of the top esports games.

#2. League of Legends

This is perhaps the most famous eSport in the world. It is one of two massive online battle arenas (MOBAs) that have dominated the esports industry for 11 years. With the most popular and thriving market in South Korea, the game deservedly identifies among the top games in the esports industry.

#3. Fortnite

Some believe that Fortnite isn’t a proper eSport because it tends to roll out changes before significant events, as well as its reluctance to remain competitive. Despite the claims, the reality does not change, and more than $80 million were rewarded in less than 3 years.

#4. Dota 2

This is the only direct competitor to League of Legends. It comes from Valve, the same studio behind the counter-strike: global offensive game. Dota 2 is spread across 16 countries, including the U.S.A., France, China, and Romania.

Other games to watch out for are Call of Duty, Overwatch, and PUBG. Before we end this video, keep in mind the latest variety of eSports games. You can make excellent and profitable bets if you study these games and know them well enough. Use this information to your advantage and stay abreast with the top games in esports betting. Good luck in winning, and we’ll see you in the upcoming episodes in this very same Esports betting video series.


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