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2020 Top eSports Betting Sites

2020 Top eSports Betting Sites Blog Featured Image2020 Top eSports Betting Sites Blog

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Are you an esports lover? Would you like to know about the different betting sites for eSports? Hi! I’m Samantha and I’m the spokesperson for Esports betting series by Rescuebet. In today’s video, we will discuss IM Esports–the top esports betting sites 2020. Before we move on, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you’ll always be informed about our new videos. Once you’ve done that, let’s dive right in…

So you think you know what are the top eSports betting sites? You know, it’ll help you understand your game better if you know the top eSports betting sites. That way, you can increase your chances of winning your favorite eSports games.


Here’s an important notice to keep in mind…

Not all esports betting sites are worth the trouble. The mere fact that the numbers are increasing do not automatically mean they are all capable of handling the service at a quality level and providing excellent user experiences. Bear in mind that some take ridiculous cuts on odds, lack depth or proper customer support channels. In fact, it is fair to say some are outright scams. Thus, it is important that you pick a bookie that you know well and can trust. But of course, it is understandable that coming across such bookies is difficult these days because the market is overflooded with diverse kinds of betting sites.

So here is our curated list of best eSports betting sites in 2020

Our experts understood the outlook of the eSports betting industry, so they only pick sites that are 1. reliable, 2. provide quality tips, 3. have good track records in betting.  The following are the top betting sites you can consider for your favorite eSports game:

#1. IMesports:

IMesports offers to bet on the biggest esports events. They are also best known to guarantee the safety of their customers and even offer rebates for all bets. Win or lose, they’ve got your back!

#2. Saba Esports:

Saba Esports, a platform by infamous SBOBet is renowned for competitive bets and odds but they also branched out to eSports betting today.

#3. SBOBet Esports:

SBOBet esports is an online aggregator for all things eSports. They cover reviews for eSports betting odds, guide and even reviews.

#4. CMD368 eSports:

As you would expect from an industry-leader, CMD368 esports covers a massive choice of eSports events. What’s cool about CMD368 is that they also offer various payment methods including cryptocurrency.

All in all, now that you know what the top eSports betting sites are, this would help you make informed and more profitable decisions as regards esports betting. Would you like to try out any of these sites? Comment below and let us know which site interests you. See you next time!


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