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Esports is the fastest-growing industry with the exponential growth of gaming, consoles, PCs, graphics cards, and tournaments. A fast-growing Esports market enabled a broader betting market and audience access to wagers on favorite teams, Esports games, and events from around the globe. Newer betting audiences that want to make wagers on Esports games need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using particular esports betting strategies. Rescuebet helps punters learn, understand, and implement different Esports betting strategies based on the betting situation. New and experienced Esports bettors can access plans through blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, and other forms of media.

2021 Esports Betting Strategies

Some esports betting strategies punters frequently use in Esports wagers include taking advantage of the number of tournaments, the different Esports events, bets on actual outcomes, chances based on players and maps, and making wagers on the favorites.

1. Over Thousands Of Tournaments

Punters have access to thousands of tournaments across different Esports games taking place across the globe. Access to several betting options can be a good or a bad condition for a punter. While more options give punters more betting opportunities, it also includes more work evaluating different betting opportunities, sometimes on the go. Access to top gaming tournaments such as PCS, PGIS, PGC, Blast Premier, Spring LEC, and regional gaming tournaments gives punters ample betting opportunities under one roof. Punters can make Esports wagers on SBOBET, Saba Sports, CMD368, and Pinnacle Esports through the Rescuebet platform.

2. Different Sporting Events

Different sporting events present the opportunity of making wagers in other betting markets within each Esports event. Punters can make wagers on multiple betting markets within each game, such as PUBG, Valorant, League of Legends, DOTA, CS: GO, FIFA, Fortnite, and other popular games developed for system play, console play, and mobile gaming. Some betting events enable punters to make wagers between two teams for most kills, goals scored, assists, champion takedowns, the leader at half-time, first to score, most chicken dinners, and more. Punters can gain an advantage by following different betting markets and seizing a profitable wager within sporting events.

3. Even Outcome Games

Even outcome wagers are wagers with a 50-50 result or 1:1 odds. If a punter loses an even outcome wager, they lose their stake, and if they win the wager, they double their staked amount. Games such as PUBG require punters to predict the winner from 15 other teams participating in each map. Other games such as League, Valorant, FIFA, or Counter-Strike are played between two teams giving punters an opportunity of making wagers on actual outcome events. Even outcome wagers are a medium-risk, medium-reward strategy. Secondly, most punters seek to make wagers on Esports outcomes that are easier to predict, making wagers on such outcomes less profitable. On the other hand, punters may inefficiently price a wager by betting on the favorites.

4. Players And Maps

Punters can make strategic wagers based on the players participating in the Esports wager and the map played. Games such as PUBG, Valorant, and CS have different maps for different rounds, and some teams tend to perform better than others on specific maps. Understanding which team has the edge based on the players participating and the map (and game meta) gives punters the unique ability to win wagers by placing bets on different outcomes in different rounds. Players on a squad or rosters for team sports need strategy and make plays off each other’s moves. Players on units that perform as a team tend to do well in tournaments indicating form and technique are vital variables in determining the outcome of wagers in Esports events.

5. Betting On Favorites

Betting on favorites is one of the most popular punters adopted in Esports wagers and gambling events. Punters are inclined to make wagers on the popular betting option, even if the popular betting option isn’t in good form or made roster changes recently. During such times, punters can make wagers by betting on the underdogs and gain an advantage with mispriced odds because of multiple chances on the favorites.

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