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Always Remember Alcohol & Gambling Do Not Mix Well

Always Remember Alcohol and Gambling Do Not Mix Well Blog Featured ImageAlways Remember Alcohol and Gambling Do Not Mix Well Blog

Are you a gambler? Did you know that you will be doing yourself an eternal favour by understanding that alcohol and gambling must not be combined?

Welcome! It’s another episode of from the online casino video series. I’m Sharon and I’m the spokesperson for this video series. In today’s episode, let’s look at how you should always remember that alcohol and gambling do not mix well. Addiction to, or total dependency on gambling can destroy hopes, dreams and lives entirely than other types of addiction. Meanwhile, despite the fact that addiction to gambling is on its one terrible and potent, it is way more destructive when accompanied by other addictions like alcoholism. Gambling will make you empty your accounts and wallets, and even max out credit cards, among other things. These are minor financial problems especially when compared to the damage out-of-control gambling can do to the minds and bodies.

Gambling Addiction And Alcohol

While we are talking about how gambling addiction and alcoholism do not mix, the fact remains that there will be an increased incidence of many co-occuring illnesses and diseases if it persists. In other words, the connection between gambling and alcoholism runs deep. NESCARC recorded that an astonishing 74 percent of gambling addicts are also problem drinkers while 38 percent of them registered positive for a drug abuse disorder.

Alcohol & Gambling – Do Not Mix

Whether you like it or not- alcoholism and gambling addiction are a dangerous combination that can harm the afflicted individuals and their families very significantly. As a matter of fat, there is a large percentage of people suffering from alcoholism who are similarly addicted to gambling, and vice versa. The two can be an incredibly disastrous combination. Similar reactions are observed, and with the same effect on the brain, during consumption of alcohol and gambling. Therefore someone who is addicted to one has a greater risk of developing an addiction to the other. The two can have life-altering consequences. Beware!

Hope you found the information about the co-occurence of gambling and alcoholism useful. Learn more by checking out other videos in the series. Thank you for watching!

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