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Football Betting Asian Handicap Guide

Ultimate Soccer Betting Asian Handicap Guide

Football leagues around the world often have uneven fixtures and too packed schedules. Moreover, there are so many variables that could occur during the game. You tend to have a smaller goal difference and a higher rate of draw results in football as compared to other sports. Thus, its harder for bettors to estimate the outcomes of games without having an in-depth knowledge of both teams’ track records. This is why football bettors have developed certain strategies and betting systems over the years to help give them an edge over the general public while placing bets.


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Asian Handicap In Football Betting

Asian handicap is a betting strategy that has become quite popular with Asian markets in recent years. Football matches can have three realistic outcomes, the home team wins, away team wins, or both teams draw. Asian handicap bets give one team an advantage right from the get-go. Thus, eliminating the possibility of a draw and also creating more betting opportunities on the two possible outcomes. Sportsbooks create Asian handicap bets to provide balance to an uneven matchup. An example includes an inferior team against a favorite – because when this happens, the odds on the favorite to win and the returns on these odds are so low that bettors lose interest altogether.

Betting on Asian handicap markets is extremely common, especially in the FA cup. Smaller teams are often paired up against reigning champions or high-pedigree teams from the Premier League quite often. In these situations, the odds naturally skewed towards one team. The Asian handicap bet balances the odds by creating a more even scoreline. By leveling the odds of both teams into ‘evens,’ both teams will have almost a 50% probability of winning.

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How Does Asian Handicap Work?

Asian handicap betting is much like a regular handicap or point spread betting. There are different variations within Asian handicap bets as well. Bettors can choose how much of ‘handicap’ they want to create on the total goal tally of both teams. This is done by either adding or subtracting half-lines (ending with 0.5, ranging between +/- 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.) or quarter lines (ending with 0.25 or 0.75, ranging from +/- 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, etc.) from the final goals tally while placing the bet. The underdog is generally ‘awarded’ goals whereas the favorite is ‘deducted’ by bettors in this way. A zero bet indicates that in the case of a draw, there is no bet. Therefore there has to be a winner in the game or else all bets are void.

Bettors can make bets on the total number of goals, number of yellow and red cards, number of corners as well as even number of throw-ins. In a split handicap, things are more interesting because one half of your bet could yield one result, whereas the second half of the bet might result in a different outcome. In summation, there are five outcomes from betting on a handicap market –  win, lose, stake refunded because of a draw, win half/half refunded, lose half/half refunded.

Advantages Of Betting On Asian Handicap Markets

The science of Asian handicap betting is slightly more complex than other betting strategies such as over/under betting. However, it is definitely worthwhile for bettors to learn how to navigate this space—Asian handicap yields extremely positive and profitable results for economical and efficient punters. Punters can easily win their money back if a team stays within their handicap mark or in case the game ends up in a draw. This makes Asian handicap popular among punters across the globe. This feature also enables a punter to win a bet even if the team they back lose the game.

Tips For Betting On Asian Handicap Markets

  • Not many betting sites offer Asian handicap betting. Ensure you find a reliable and regulated service when looking for these bets.
  • Compare odds across various platforms before placing your bet. You may find a value betting situation if you find mispriced odds.
  • Always research the team’s performance, including scoring records against that particular team as well as their current form, form, any injuries, or bans that could affect the results of the goal total.
  • Look out for teams that tend to score, and leagues that have less draw to profit on Asian handicap markets.

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