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Important Facts About Value Bet

What Is Value Betting And Everything You Need To Know

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Why value bet? If there’s one thing every smart punter should know, it’s how to find a value betting situation.

Well for starters, value bets increase the chances of a successful bet by tenfold So that means frequent wins and larger profits. They also significantly decrease the amount of risk involved, while still keeping things interesting. Because what’s a gamble if there’s no uncertainty, right? It is honestly, one of the best ways to make long term, consistent profits without having to break your head over complex strategies and mathematical equations. If this sound like a good situation to you so far, read on.

What Is A Value Bet?

It all has to do with odds. The odd, as you may know, tell us how likely it is that a particular outcome will occur. And so to keep it short, essentially, a value bet is one where the odds that a bookmaker puts out reflects a probability that in reality, isn’t likely to happen. If a bookmaker thinks that a particular outcome has low chances of occurring, when in all actuality, it has a much higher probability, the price will reflect that frame of thought. This is where you swoop in and take advantage of this discrepancy to make some money. The probability of you winning is higher than the odds being offered.

This does, however, take some practice. But as long as you have a decent amount of knowledge on the sport you’re betting on, you should be able to spot value without any problems. At the end of the day, it’s all about gaining an edge over the bookie, beating them at their own sport.

Having said all of this, here are a couple of tips to help you find value bets, just to get you started.

Sign up with multiple bookies

Every bookie has its own method of calculating probabilities. Which means that from multiple sports bookies, the odds offered will differ. Take advantage of market discrepancies, and compare the numbers that different sports bookies put out. This way, you’ll be able to judge the actual value of a particular bet. And if you find that one of them is slightly astray, then you’ve got yourself a value bet.

Consult betting tipsters

A betting tipster is a punter’s best friend. They want nothing more than for you to beat the bookie. Unlike bookmakers, they do no profit from your losses, so naturally, they would want to provide the most accurate tips possible. There are plenty of great tipping services out there that you can consult.

Odds comparison websites

These websites are a blessing. As an alternative to signing up to a bunch of sportsbooks and checking the odds yourself, they do it for you and put them together for your convenience. This way you can compare betting odds with ease.

Check out less popular markets

Betting on sports or tournaments that aren’t as popular can be a value betting goldmine. Like we’ve mentioned before, value bets are all about getting an upper hand over the bookmaker. You can do so pretty much by being more knowledgeable than them. Most bookies tend to focus on more mainstream competitions because that’s where the money’s at. With ones that aren’t as well known, there is a good chance that they could mess up while calculating odds due to lack of knowledge. All you would need to do is a little bit of research, and you could potentially find value.

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