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Edge With Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

Comparing odds is a great way to get one over on the bookies!

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Comparing odds is not something all sports fans do when placing bets, but they should. Making sure you get the best odds available is a must if you plan to turn a consistent profit when betting on sports. So what exactly do you need to do to compare odds and get the best price on offer? Here is the Rescuebet guide to comparing odds–read on for everything you need to know before you place your next wager!

How To Compare Odds

It might enjoy comparing odds but that will take a lot of time. And yes, if you went to each sportsbook website and noted down their prices, it could be quite a while to gather all the information. Luckily you need not do this. The Internet has a few different tools that can help. Odds comparison websites such as Ftscores betting odds comparison do all the hard work for you. They check sportsbook odds and compile them in one handy place. There, you can just scan through and pick the price you want to take for your chosen wager. Really, it could hardly be easier to compare odds than in this day and age thanks to sites such as Ftscores!

Placing Wagers After Comparing Odds

So you have used a price comparison website for odds and you are ready to place a bet. What’s next? Well, it depends on whether you already have an account with the bookmaker you want to use. If not, you will need to sign up for a new account. When doing this, make sure you check if there are any promotions or offers you can access. Most bookmakers give new players some bonuses to encourage them to sign up for an account.

This can be a perk such as a free bet to use, or perhaps free spins to be used in their online casino. You can use this free bet to place the wager you have picked out, reducing the risk of the bet which also helps! When you look at odds and compare them, you will find there are few patterns for which bookmaker has the best price. In time you might need to sign up with a lot of different betting sites to place the bets you want at the best odds on offer.

Always Take The Best Odds

Bookmakers always have a ‘house edge’ factored into the prices they have available. This is to ensure that in the long run, they will make a profit 99 percent of the time, regardless of how smart their customers are. This is why comparing odds is so important for anyone who wants to make money when placing bets on sports. It might seem like there is little difference between the odds of 4/9 and 4/7 on the face of it. But anyone places a lot of bets will soon see a difference in the cash in their balance when they bet at higher value odds. Betting at low-value odds is handing money over to the bookmakers. And nobody wants that!

Benefits of Multiple Betting Accounts

There are a few advantages of having multiple betting accounts. Not just for comparing odds, either! If you have accounts with a lot of bookmakers, you are going to get a lot of offers and promotions. These are not just for new customers. Bookmakers also offer promotions to existing users to rewards their loyalty. So you could be in line for even more perks like free bets just for having an account with a bookmaker.

One of the easiest ways is signing up with Rescuebet, with only 1 account you can access multiple sportsbook accounts such as Maxbet, Sbobet, IMsports, CMD368, United Gaming, Pinnacle and M8bet. Check back regularly to see what offers are on the table with your chosen bookmakers.

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