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Fibonacci Betting System In Online Roulette

Online Roulette And Fibonacci Betting Systems

Fibonacci Betting System In Online Roulette Blog Featured ImageFibonacci Betting System In Online Roulette Blog

Have you ever realized that certain flowers have only a certain amount of seeds? Or seeds/leaves arranged in a particular pattern? Perhaps the shapes of galaxies? Or how many times two rabbits can reproduce (and their offspring subsequently). Take the seeds of a sunflower, for example. You notice how they’re arranged in a particular pattern that goes 1,2,3,5,8,13,21… That’s a Fibonacci number sequence. The application of Fibonacci numbers extends far and wide for almost 10 centuries now. Today, we use Fibonacci numbers in statistics, biology, chemistry, computer studies, betting, and a lot more. We take a more in-depth look at how punters can use the Fibonacci betting system in online roulette.

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What Are Fibonacci Numbers?

Essentially, Fibonacci numbers are numbers whose next value is determined by adding the values of the last two digits. So if you start with 1 and 2, you have 3 (1+2), then 5 (2+3), then 8 (3+5), and so on. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who also contributed to mathematics and statistics as we know it across India and Europe. He was the one who noticed specific patterns are recurring in nature and have a particular model to them. Over time, the Fibonacci number system also found its way to gambling professionals across the globe.

What Is The Fibonacci betting system?

The Fibonacci betting system is one that employs utilizing the Fibonacci numbers while betting. In this case, we look at online roulette. The Fibonacci betting system is a negative betting system. In this system, a punter must increase his stake after losing to make up for those losses in the following bets. The stake is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, as discussed above. Let’s look at an example to understand how the Fibonacci betting system works in roulette:

A punter must start with a base amount of 1 or a multiple that’s easy to deal with, i.e., 10, 100, 1000, so on and so forth. If a punter loses his first bet (of let’s say, $10), he places his next bet of $20. Let’s say he loses this bet as well, and then his next wager will be $30 ($20 + $10). If he loses the next bet, then the punter will wager $50 in the next bet $30 + $20). As he loses, he increases his wagers in a Fibonacci sequence to make up for past losses. In the next scenario, let’s say after a losing streak, the punter starts winning. In that case, if the punter wins his $50 bet, then his next subsequent bet will be $20. This is calculated by subtracting the last two numbers’ values in the sequence instead of adding them. So the next $20 bet is from $50-$30.

Features of the Fibonacci betting system

Some of the features of the Fibonacci betting system extend (and are not limited) to the following:

1. Best used in games with 1:1 odds

The Fibonacci betting system is generally used in games with odds of 1:1. Column betting and number betting have different odds, making it harder to apply the Fibonacci betting system to it. However, punters can always use this system when betting on black or red, high or low, and odd or even.

2. Losing streaks can wipe out betting funds

The Fibonacci sequence is infinite and can keep going if you’re willing to calculate it. It’s inadvisable to let your sequences hit very high numbers. Sequences generally hit higher numbers when a player is on a losing streak. When on a losing streak, a punter may be betting half or their entire bankroll after 6-10 losses. And should they not manage a single win for a while, they may lose their entire bankroll before they have a chance to win their funds back.

3. Hope to win in the first three bets

If you win within the first three wagers played, you’re either making a profit or breaking even from your initial bet. However, if you don’t win within the first three bets, then you will continue to go through the Fibonacci sequence, racking up heavy losses while you look for a win.


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