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Column Betting Strategy In Online Roulette

Online Roulette: Column Betting Strategy

Column Betting Strategy In Online Roulette Blog Featured ImageColumn Betting Strategy In Online Roulette Blog

Roulette is a popular game of chance for new and experienced bettors looking for fun. The game means little wheel (in French). Over the past two decades and with the advent of the internet, punters have the option of playing online roulette (apart from at the casinos). Punters can make several types of wagers when betting on online roulette. A punter can pick a number, a color, high-low, a column, and so on. With each different wager, a punter has different odds of winning (with a different payout involved).

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Features Of Column Betting In Roulette

Punters looking for a column betting strategy need to know such a strategy’s features to use it effectively. Some of the features of column betting include:

1. Three columns

Punters have the option of choosing one (or more) columns from the three columns available. The ball can land only on a single number, giving the punter a 33% chance of getting his selection right (with betting on a single column).

2. Winning Odds of 2:1

For any bet placed, a punter has an opportunity to win 2 units of currency for every one unit wagered. So if you choose to bet $20 on any column and win, you stand to win $40. Thus, making your total take home from the wager $60. It’s these higher odds along with reasonable chances of winning that makes column roulette betting so popular.

3. Can Bet On More Than One Column

Punters can place a bet on one column, two columns, or all three columns. Each type of bet is a different strategy that should be employed at the right time. When you bet on more than one column to win, your odds of winning increase drastically. However, on the downside, as your odds increase, your payout effectively decreases because of the amount wagered on each column.

4. Can Be Paired With Other Betting Systems

Column betting strategies can be paired with other betting systems such as the progressive betting system, the Paroli system, etc.

5. The Number 0

When playing roulette, punters will occasionally come across landing on the number 0. If you make a column wager and you land on the number 0, you lose the entire amount staked. Moreover, it’s possible to get 0 multiple times (although it is rare).


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Column Betting strategies

Punters can make the most of employing a column betting strategy by also applying other betting strategies to it. We look at some of the best column betting strategies punters can employ to increase their odds of winning online roulette.:

1. One Or Two Columns Depending On The Bet

Punters should look to bet on a single column most of the time to make the most of their wager. A punter can bet on two columns if he wants to increase his chances of winning. Some games require players to place a wager on more than half of the options available, and a two-column wager helps fulfill that requirement.

2. Different Roulette Games Have A Varying House Edge

The house always ensures it makes a profit on every round. This is called the house edge. Depending on the type of roulette game you’re playing, the house edge varies, effectively altering how much you can win. For example, American roulette has a house edge of more than 5%, and European roulette has a house edge of less than 3%.

3. Pre-determine Profit Or Loss Expected From A Game Or Multiple Games

Punters must estimate how much they’re willing to win or lose based on a fraction or percentage of their entire bankroll.

4. Pair With Progressive Betting With A Big Bankroll

Punters looking to bet progressively to make up for past losses can do so, but only if they have a bankroll big enough to support their bets (especially in future rounds). Otherwise, there’s a good possibility that a bettor may run out of funds before they win even a meaningful round.

5. Law Of Independent Events

Each spin of the roulette table and ball is a new and independent event, not associated with the past event. You could land on the same column several times in a row or not land on one. It’s important punters take the law of independent events and gamblers fallacy into account.


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