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En Prison Strategy In European Roulette

En Prison: European Roulette Strategy

En Prison Strategy In European Roulette Blog Featured ImageEn Prison Strategy In European Roulette Blog

We’re currently witnessing our golden age in electronic gaming. With so many gaming options available, punters are never short of options or choices to make a wager. However, it’s also essential for punters to consider increasing their odds of winning since access and connectivity alone cannot guarantee profits. Casino games are just one of the various casino games that are currently very popular online. Roulette is based on a gaming wheel which is why it’s prevalent among punters. It gives anyone a chance to win without having to be skilled in the game.


Roulette gained popularity in France in the late 18th century. Notably, several improvements, modifications, and strategies to the game came out of the French region. For example, the American version of the same game had 0, 00, and an eagle. If a punter landed on any of these three, they lost their wager to the house. To effectively compete with their American counterparts, the French decided to give the players a better house edge by reducing the number of 0s on the roulette table to a single digit only. A better house edge resulted in better profits.

A European roulette game has 37 numbers listed from 0 to 36. Effectively, a punter can bet on a number, a color (red or black), or low-high. A punter has better odds in European roulette versus American roulette because of the house edge. The most significant difference between the two is when you land on the number 0 (the only number and color in green). In American roulette, you lose your stake if you land on 0. That’s because 0 is neither odd nor even in an odd-even bet. However, in European roulette, you get another opportunity to win your stake in the next round if you land on 0. In particular, French roulette has a better payout compared to other types of roulette, while the odds of winning remain the same for each game. The reason French roulette has a better payout is because of the En Prison strategy. So let’s take a look at what the En prison strategy is and how punters can use it to their advantage.

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En Prison Strategy

The En Prison strategy enables a punter to recover any losses after a punter spins and lands on 0. However, this strategy is only applicable to bets placed on color, odd-even, or low-high. So this strategy doesn’t generally apply to punters making a wager on a column bet, specific numbers, etc. A punter effectively has a 1 in 37 chance of landing on 0. So while it’s not an event that happens often, it is an event that should be accounted for. So what happens if a punter lands on 0? Usually, the punter is not entitled to anything and loses on that round. Most casinos around the world operate this way (standard American roulette). However, with the En prison strategy (European roulette), the odds are in the punter’s favor. So if a spin lands on 0, the punter has the option of placing his current wager En Prison, meaning in prison for the next round. So while this bet is placed aside, the punter then places his or her bet on the next spin. Should the punter win the next spin, they win the amount staked in the previous bet (or a percentage of it) and the current bet. However, if a punter loses, then they lose the staked amount.

When To Use It?

Different gaming platforms employ different gaming rules and regulations. It’s essential to look at the rules of each game before playing. For example, some casinos may allow a second En Prison in the unlikely event a player lands on a 0 right after landing on a 0 in the previous round. So the next round could be En prison again, lost or won.

Punters should know which casino games allow you to use the En Prison strategy as it’s another added advantage for you. Especially more so if you consider playing in the long run. Over time, you’re bound to land on a few 0s on the roulette table. Would you prefer to have another shot at winning it back, or would you be alright with completely losing the entire stake?

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