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Major roulette game variations you can bet on

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Roulette, which literally translates to “little wheel” in French is an incredibly popular casino game, and for good measure too. It is so simple that virtually anyone can play it. One need not possess any particular skill or talent to win, and it has the potential to make you very rich. All you would have to do is pick a number, or a set of numbers, watch it spin and hope for the best. There are, however, a couple of roulette variations that you should know of before you make your next bet.

Major Roulette Game Variations

Roulette is arguably one of the most exciting casino games. Your fate is decided in a matter of seconds, and things can go either way. While the overall nature of the game is all very simple to grasp, roulette does have several variations, and each of them is slightly different from the other. Since it would help you to know where and how to bet, here are the major roulette game variations.

European Roulette

European roulette is probably the most popular variations of the game. The wheel has number slots from 0 to 36, and players can place bets on any one of these numbers. The European Roulette variation has quite a low house edge, which means that you have a relatively high chance of winning. The numbers on the wheel are not sequential, but rather, in a random arrangement. The table layout can vary depending on the casino.

French Roulette

French roulette is the same as European roulette, except here, the survivor rule can be applied. According to this rule, you will be able to get back half of your stake on even money bets if the ball lands on the 0 pocket. The table layout is also different, and players can make additional bets that aren’t available in other versions.

American Roulette

American roulette was adapted from the European version. Just like with the European roulette variation, a player can bet on any number from 1 to 36. The American adaptation has an extra slot – the double zero, 00.  This means that you have a slightly lower chance of winning this version when compared to the European and French variations. The table layout is also different, as it offers a couple more bets than the other versions. The sequence of the numbers is different as well – they are placed in pairs.

Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is a rather new development that resulted from the popularity of online gambling. Like its name would imply, mini roulette features a smaller wheel with fewer numbers. Here, players can make bets in numbers 0 to 12. The reduced number of slots means a higher chance of winning. And just like French roulette, the survivor rule can be applied in most online casinos.

Multi-wheel roulette

Multi-wheel roulette is probably the most entertaining variation of them all. Here, you would be betting on eight different wheels at once. The rules are that you cannot bet on every single wheel. You are allowed to make only one bet, and this decision is final for all wheels. For example, let’s say you bet on red. All the wheels will spin at once, and when they stop, you will collect your winnings from those wheels in which the ball landed in a red spot. Apart from this, multi-wheel roulette follows the rules of European roulette.

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