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Live Dealer Roulette Basic Strategies

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Hi, I’m Sharon, and I’m your spokesperson for the Online Casino video series. In this episode, we look at the best ways to win money in an online casino. Today, in this video, we’re going to discuss how to make money playing online roulette through basic strategies.

The roulette table can’t be missed amidst other casino games with the spinning red, black and gold wheel and the white ball bouncing along with the numbers as the wheel spins. Players can bet either on color, number range or on one of three dozens laid out on the table. Whichever number of the slot the ball falls into is the winning number. Roulette is a game of chance and great fun; here are some tips to improve your chances and go home a winner.

Tip 1: Avoid progressive strategies

Many roulette strategies tell players to keep increasing the bet on a single color or number range each time that color or number range loses. The idea is that the odds of that bet appearing again increase over time. However this is false. Statistically speaking, the odds of either are the same each time the wheel is spun. So don’t waste time or money trying it.

Tip 2: Reduce the number of spins

Research has shown that those who come away with net winnings from roulette tables play a fewer number of wheels. That is, they bet more on fewer turns. Roulette is a game of complete chance, but follow the science and put more money and fewer bets to make money.

Tip 3: Remember it is a game of luck

There are many strategies out there advertising roulette strategies. However, most are founded on little evidence and are unlikely to improve your chances. Roulette by its nature is a game of luck so best to go with your gut, but remember the above tips–See each spin independent of the next and bet more on fewer spins.

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