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Optimal Betting Strategies For Craps Gameplay

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Craps is famous casino game punters play at land-based casinos and online casinos. Craps tables are specially designed for the game, similar to roulette tables specifically designed for playing roulette. Punters enjoy playing craps for fun and winning wagers consistently. Most punters have access to games that are slot-based, card-based, lottery-based, or sports-based events. Punters choose to adopt different betting strategies, tactics, and systems based on the type of wager and betting event. Punters can make different types of wagers for different amounts in one of several craps betting markets. In unregulated betting markets, punters can play craps at street corners with only two dice (in some cases, three dice). Hazard is an alternative name for craps in Europe.

Features Of Craps

Some of the features of craps include betting against the player or the house, using dice unlike other casino games, the different types of rolls on the dice, the different types of craps wagers, the highest probability number, and other variations of craps.

1. Betting Strategies

Punters adopt different betting strategies based on the type of wager the punter makes and the kind of game the punter is playing. Some popular craps betting strategies include the Martingale betting system, effective bet-sizing, making wagers in specific betting markets, and throwing the dice in a particular way. However, punters can’t throw the dice in a particular way when playing craps online. Even when throwing dice at a land-based casino, a punter has little to no control over the outcome of the dice rolled. But punters can throw the dice in a specific way to avoid landing on a random effect consistently.

2. Types Of Wagers

Punters can make different types of wagers in a game of craps. Making wagers based on a particular kind is making a wager on a specific betting market within craps. Some examples of different types of bets punters can make in craps include pass, come, don’t pass, pass odds, don’t pass odds, yo on 11, wager on 3, wager on 2, bet on 12, hi-lo, which includes 2 and 12, craps contains 2, 3 and 12, any seven chances, complex 8, hard 6, lay 5, lay 10, etc. The odds for each wager depend on the probability of winning such a wager and the number of players. To place a bet is the opposite of placing a chance, which means to back a particular outcome not occurring.

3. Highest Probability

The number 7 has the highest probability of occurring based on several combinations on the throw of 2 dice. A punter can get 7 in 6 ways, such as 6+1, 5+2, 4+3, and reverse those numbers. Other numbers closer to 7 also have a high probability of being rolled because of combinations on two rolled dice. However, different online casinos have variations in payouts for additional wages won based on the casino’s gambling policies, terms, and conditions. Some casinos offer payouts on totals of 12, while others pay a lesser amount for a total of 11 on both rolled dice.

4. Variations

Punters can play several variations of craps. A popular version of online craps is cards-based craps instead of using dice. Cards in a deck range from 6 to Ace; those above six are excluded from the wager if all the cards are included. Punters can play card craps at a land-based casino or an online casino. In another game variation, two sets are used (one red and one black), each group counts as one dice.

5. Online Versus Casinos

Punters need to stand for hours while playing craps at a land-based casino. The game is played with one or more players standing around a table, with each player at the table taking a turn at throwing the dice. While playing online craps, punters can play from the comfort of their home while sitting or even lying down. Playing online craps enables punters to play the game for several hours without the need to expend energy at a land-based casino. Moreover, punters can play online craps from anywhere, at any time, and on multiple platforms. Players playing craps at land-based casinos are restricted in terms of time, accessibility, and fixed costs.

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