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5 Proven Zero Risk Betting Strategies

5 Proven Zero Risk Betting Strategies Blog Featured Image5 Proven Zero Risk Betting Strategies Blog

A zero-risk betting strategy is one in which a punter adopts zero risks or, in some cases, little to no risk. A zero-risk betting strategy may seem like an impossible betting strategy because there’s always some risk involved when making wagers. However, similar to hedged trades in the stock market, different types of hedged bets can prove to be reliable zero risk betting strategies for punters.

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Top 5 Zero Risk Strategies

The top 5 zero risk betting strategies include arbitrage wagers, matched betting, high-probability wagers, card-counting, and laying and backing wagers.

Arbitrage Wagers

Arbitrage Wagers are wagers on two different outcomes for the same betting event. They set wagers so the punter can expect a payout irrespective of the game’s result. However, since a bettor is betting on both outcomes, a punter’s profit is restricted between wagers and spread. The most significant upside of arbitrage wages is the guarantee of a payout. However, the biggest downside is the payout is marginal. A punter usually has to wager large amounts at one go to make a profitable wager. The best way to make an arbitrage wager is by making one wager with one betting service and laying that same wager with a different sportsbook. Most betting providers issue other odds for the same game, and a punter can profit when such situations arise. It is one of the reasons punters choose to access multiple sportsbooks through a single betting platform such as Rescuebet.

2. Matched Betting

A matched betting strategy is a variation of an arbitrage betting strategy. However, a matched betting strategy utilizes no betting funds, while an arbitrage wager might or might not use a punter’s funds. A punter can make a matched wager by using various bonuses, promotions, offers, and betting incentives that offset the price or cost of making a wager. Because a punter doesn’t need to place any of their own money to make a matched wager, they incur no losses and reap all the profits. The conditions for withdrawing profits on bonuses and promotions may be subject to betting requirements which vary from online casino to casino.

3. High Probability Wagers

High probability wagers are wagers that have a high probability of occurring. For example, in a match between ManCity and Sunderland, ManCity will likely win. A punter can place a wager on the favorite and expect to win about 90% of the time. While this doesn’t guarantee a win or no risk at all, punters are more likely to win, making such wagers in the long run. Bets with a high probability of occurring also have a low payout because the risk involved is shallow. A top-seeded or ranked player has a higher likelihood of winning against an unseeded team or player.

4. Back And Lay Wagers

Punters can back or lay a wager instead of betting on the outright outcome of a match. Backing or laying a chance gives a punter a higher possibility of winning a bet, even if the match’s result doesn’t go as expected. Punters can make wagers by backing a team or betting that a team will not lose a fixture. The punter wins the chance if a team doesn’t fail, or the match ends in a draw or win. To lay a wager is making a wager on the team not to win a match. A punter can expect a payout from a lay wager if the group bet on losses. A win or a draw will work against a punter in a lay wager. Lay chances must be for punters who are sure that a team will lose a particular fixture.

5. Card Counting

While card counting may not necessarily be a zero-risk betting strategy, it can be highly profitable for punters that can adapt and utilize such a strategy. Card counting involves following the deck and pattern of cards in a deck or multiple decks to predict if the next card is high or low. Card counting may seem complicated because it varies from game to game and requires a deeper understanding of numbers and statistics. Card counting is a strategy criticized by land-based casinos and could also result in a permanent gambling ban. However, punters playing online casino card games utilize card counting to get a better strike rate.

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