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3 Best Slot Games Strategies For The Year 2022

3 Best Slot Games Strategies For The Year 2022 Blog Featured Image3 Best Slot Games Strategies For The Year 2022 Blog

Betting in slots is quite different from betting in other casino games, and because of the innately random nature of the game, finding a strategy that delivers isn’t so easy. What’s more, when you’re playing slot games online, the complexity of the exercise increases exponentially. To give bettors an edge in this highly uneven terrain, we’ve done extensive legwork and developed some of the most effective techniques you can adopt to ensure that you come away from any slot machine or online interface a winner. Without further ado, here they are!

Bet In Rescuebet Platform
Bet In Rescuebet Platform

1. The 1-3-2-4 Strategy

If you like a simple-is-best approach during your online slot games betting sessions, this betting system may be right. Just as the name infers, all you have to do is place wagers on the numbers 1, 3, 2, and 4 on each spin you make. This strategy is based on the fact that this array of numbers isn’t chosen very often by other punters, so your chances of striking gold increase significantly. This betting system is simple, straightforward, and safe. However, if you plan to use it, you need to remember that what you win with it isn’t likely to be very high. It is because it has an expected value formula of only 0.89%. Because of this, it’s more suited for bettors who play more for fun than for anything else.

2. Finding Slot Machines With Extra Features And Functions

We include this as a strategy because choosing the environment you wager and using that to influence your chances of winning is always a smart move. Contrary to public belief, not all slot games are the same. While they may act the same way and perform the same essential functions, many of these machines and interfaces often come with certain extra parts and features. These functions can range from multipliers to gamble options and scatters. Taking the effort to know what extra function the interface or machine you want to bet on pays off in that you can use this to determine your chances of winning. And in many cases, you can even capitalize on this to maximize your winnings.

3. Getting a Random Number Generator

There are tons of betting strategies you can employ with online slot games. However, most of them don’t work because these machines run on a program called a Random Number Generator (RNG). This program is what ensures that the outcome of a slot machine remains inherently unpredictable. So, if you want to win in online slots, one of the best ways to do so is to find a Random Number Generator of your own. This strategy is foolproof as the complicated algorithms of the RNG the slot machine uses may be negated to a point by yours.


With or without strategies, slots are a fun betting exercise. However, even with a surefire betting strategy under your belt, it’s still important to know when to stop because that’s the only natural way to beat the house edge!

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