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Different Type Of Sports Betting Systems

Type Of Sports Betting Systems

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If you are new to sports betting systems, this article will walk through the whole idea and by the time you are through with it, you will have a clearer understanding of what these systems are and how you can use them to your advantage. Sports betting system is a series of events which have been collected with the aim of assisting wagers to make a profit from their bets. These collections are fast gaining popularity among soccer analysts, and both professional and beginner punters are using them to come up with the most accurate odds. However, sports betting systems are not 100% and to realize the best results, a punter will need to combine them with proper research and proper planning. These are some of the most common sports betting systems in the market today:

The Martingale System

This is more or less a 50/50 betting system that aims of achieving a double chance regardless of the outcome. In simple terms, a punter has the equal chance of either winning or losing.

The Paroli system

A paroli betting system aims at increasing each bet that a punter wins. This system works best if you are on a winning streak since you will be able to increase your profit quickly.

The D’ Alembert Betting System

It resembles the Martingale system but much safer in the sense that, a bettor can increase their stake if they happen to lose a bet and therefore there is no need for a double bet.

Types of Betting Systems

There are two types of sports betting systems, and each has its pros and cons, the two are:

Positive Progression Systems

Just as their name suggests, positive betting systems add a positive value to the punters bet by allowing them to increase their bet each time they win.

Negative Progression Systems

On the other hand, a progressive negative system allows a bettor to increase their bet after they lose. Sports betting systems allow a punter to navigate the industry easily, but a bettor will also need to add a little effort and combine the system with research and statistics to come up with the possible outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do gambling systems work?

    A few systems were invented by gamblers over the years in the hopes of developing strategies to better their chances of winning. These are mainly based on the gambler’s fallacy that neglects the strict rules of probability and independent plays to produce desirable outcomes. Although there are several individual variations of these systems, the three large gambling systems fall under Positive Progression, Negative Progression and insurance betting or hedging. Betting Systems will only aid players that are aware of the positive and negative effects of individual systems and in which specific cases to employ and take advantage of them.

  • What are the most accurate sports betting/prediction AI?

    One of the most accurate sports predictions about artificial intelligence is on WinnerOdds. They have an artificial intelligence algorithm that is based on a rich collection of data that can calculate all the real probabilities of any tennis match. The sophisticated AI system then compares these odds against odds by bookmakers to find more than 5000 value bets to place per year. WinnerOdds allows players to access bets that give them value for their investment. Winnerodds believes that the real secret to winning in money in sports betting isn’t to pick winners but to estimate the real probabilities of any game better than the bookmakers and other bettors.

  • What is the best 100% betting system in the world?

    The Martingale betting system is a form of negative progression that has been around since the 18th century and is preferred by many high rollers. This system allows bettors to alter a bet in the event of winning, and doubles the amount in case of losing. The main assumption of this system is that bettors are likely to win at least once to recover losses. This makes it a slightly risky betting system and requires a large enough bankroll to support it. At the end of the day, the house always wins, and so it’s essential to be aware of all betting limits and maximum payouts that can become obstacles to collecting big wins.

  • Which is the best betting system?

    The D’Alembert betting system is quite popular among bettors for being a much safer betting system. The D’Alembert system is a combination of negative progression along with the insurance system. This system aims to make up for the losses incurred in small steps rather than all at once. This system is more practical and economical for bettors on a strict budget. The main appeal for the D’Alembert system over the martingale system is that it will not wipe out bettor’s entire bankroll all at once. Thus, a bettor looking to play more bets and spread the risk over multiple bets should adopt this system.

  • Where can I find a good sport tipster with a high hit rate?

    Betfame is a consolidated marketplace for both tipsters and punters alike. It is the information trading platform that has revolutionized the sports gambling industry. Betfame covers 99% of all matches globally and makes buying and selling tips monumentally simpler. is the leading sports predictions marketplace in Asia with promising performance statistics and consistent accuracy across all matches. Punters can log into these two sites to access full coverage on live scores, live odds, and additional resources that help maximize their earnings from sports wagering. Punters also have access to tipsters with consistently high hit rates (over 80%) for sports matches, leagues and games across the globe.

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