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Have you ever won a bet? Many people believe it is not possible, but there are real-life stories of people who won precious bets. This is an investment for some gamblers who take it seriously. Betting games are arbitrary compared to other games. There are factors might hinder your success in sports betting in some point of your life. When you lose a bet, it is advisable to try to recover very fast and carry on with the next bet. Always fail fast, learn fast and pivot from your mistakes. Diversify your risk at stake, like they said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Only take what you can afford at the moment and avoid using so many bankrolls on one bet.


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Case Study

In the case study of Tony Bloom a famous sports punter in Britain, we look at how he has consistently won and made a fortune. Tony, now 45, began gambling between the age of 8 to 9 years on the slot games. His wealth is suspected to run into billions of euros. He can inject up to 80 million Euros in bets. Starlizard, his company, has helped him win over 100 million Euros in a year. His employees gather around the TV screens on the weekend to watch the English Premier League together, and this practice has made the betting game possible for Tony. Football is one of the most predicted games and Bloom has capitalized in this area. He says “to win big you have to risk losing”. He acknowledges to have lost 5000 Euros in a test match in 1994 but this minor setback did not discourage him from sports betting and tipping, instead he continued more till this day. Today, he owns the famous Brighton & Hove Albion FC which he took over in 2009. Asian handicap market has too helped him get a good fortune. One of his greatest achievements is the 1998 World Cup in France when he convinced Victor Chandler to bet on what they had won to win in the Finals.


From Tony’s story, we see all these characters of a smart punter. The discipline and commitment he has instilled in his company have earned him one of the worlds leading betting companies. Bloom believes in betting aggressively to win. His company today acts as an advisor than a bookmaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is the wealthiest gambler in the world?

    William T. Walters is an American entrepreneur and professional gambler who is better known as the most successful sports bettor in the world. In the 1980s, Walters joined the Computer Group, a company that aimed to analyze sports outcomes with computers. Using this system, he had a winning streak that lasted for over 30 years. Walters was known to bet on basketball (including the NBA), the NFL, and college football and won $3.5 million on Super Bowl XLIV after betting on the New Orleans Saints. Walters was so famous that he often had to place bets using ‘runners’ so that bookmakers would not get suspicious.

  • Has anyone become a billionaire from sports betting?

    Every decade has its own set of high rollers that have generated large values in cash winnings on their sports bets. The wealthiest gamblers in the world will often stay away from low stake games and focus their resources on big payouts. After years of card counting in blackjack, Bill Benter was banned from casino establishments across the US on account that he would almost always win. After being banned from betting at casinos, he then moved to horse racing and developed a model that bettors still use to predict outcomes of races better. It is estimated that Bill cashes about $100 million every year.

  • What is it like being a professional sports gambler?

    Professional sports gamblers need to mitigate between minimizing risks and always realizing a good opportunity when it presents itself. The most successful gamblers in the world focus their time on researching their game of choice and taking into account factors that the general public tend to oversee. This type of expertise is developed only after years of in-depth study into the trends and probable outcomes of the game. It comes along with the ability to spot a value betting situation. Professional gamblers who engage in gambling as a regular source of income are skilled in reinvesting the winnings from one bet to generate even higher profits on the next.

  • What is the key to successful sports betting?

    It isn’t easy to make it as a professional sports bettor without dedicating a substantial amount of time, resources, and energy into researching the sport of choice. Prior knowledge of a team’s history of performance and critical player stats can go a long way in determining the final outcome of a game accurately. This valuable knowledge also helps to understand the concept of the value and understand the mechanics of basic mathematics. Do not merely go with the first attractive odds that you find on offer, always compare odds across various platforms to ensure you get the full value for your money. Set a budget and monitor performance while setting achievable objectives.

  • Can we become rich people through sports betting?

    Due to the high competitiveness of the sports betting industry in both Europe and Asia, the potential to earn high profits off your bets has never been higher for a sports bettor. Although bettors will encounter a win at some point, the real success lies in sustaining that winning streak over all your bets for as long as possible. Tony ‘Lizard’ Bloom is one of the most notorious sports bettors in the UK and owner of Starlizard sports betting consultancy which generates an average of $100 million a year from sports betting. Upcoming professionals try to emulate the models of legends and experiment with different betting strategies in their quest for profits.


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