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Will Bookies Ban You For Winning Too Many Bets?

Can You Be Banned By Bookies For Winning Too Many Bets?

Will Bookies Ban You For Winning Too Many Bets Blog featured imageWill Bookies Ban You For Winning Too Many Bets blog

While online betting can be incredibly profitable for punters, what do bookies do with customers who win too much? There have been several instances in the past where successful punters amid a winning streak have either had their accounts restricted. This meaning that they could not make bets beyond a certain amount, or they were banned altogether. Is this true, and if so, why would a bookie do such a thing? Is it even legal? Read on to find out.


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Can You Get Banned By Bookies?

If you find yourself riding the high of a winning betting streak, don’t get carried away too much, because bookies have previously been known to ban those customers who win too many bets. Can they legally do this? Well, technically, they can ban you for any reason they like. They can refuse to serve you if they feel like they should, regardless of how much you win or lose. This happens all the time in casinos too. Customers get kicked out all the time if they win too much. This is why everyone assumes that counting cards are illegal. While it is entirely alright to do that in the eyes of the law, you can be thrown out of a casino if they suspect that you’re employing such strategies.

Bet In Rescuebet Platform
Bet In Rescuebet Platform

Since they pretty much run everything, they know just how much each of their punters bet, and exactly how much each of them wins.  While they always receive a commission regardless of the outcome of a match and what the result your bet was because of the vig or the cut they make. However, a lost bet on your part would be a lot more lucrative to them as opposed to a successful one. This is especially the case if you aren’t a regular customer who employs strategies to increase their chances of winning. To skip paying out too much to winning customers, some bookies would slowly restrict how much money they can stake, and then one beautiful day, ban altogether. While this may not be ethical, it is entirely legal.



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This is unfortunate, but you can find ways around this, and here’s how.

1. Stay loyal

Bookies tend to appreciate loyal customers. This is as long as they don’t win every single bet they make. If you’re more erratic, visit once in a while, and stake large amounts of money, it is more likely that the bookies will keep a watchful eye on you. If they suspect that you are using strategies such as arbitrage betting or matched betting, you could potentially find yourself getting banned. Try to keep a low profile. Keep going back, and try not to stake too much when you make a bet.

2. Make multiple accounts

If a bookie bans you, don’t fret. There are so many other bookies you can sign up for. Having multiple sportsbook accounts is beneficial for various reasons. You could compare odds and find value betting situations, you could also employ strategies such as arbitrage betting and matched betting. But make sure you don’t overdo it as the bookmaker can monitor all your moves at any given point.

3. Be flexible

Specializing in one particular tournament would be extremely helpful when it comes to winning bets. When it comes to keeping your account, you are a lot more likely to be barred from ever betting with the website in question ever again. Be flexible, bet on multiple matches from several tournaments, and let luck take the reins.

Can Bookies Ban You For Winning Too Many Bets?

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