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Welcome, this is a continuation of the online casino series by Rescuebet. I’m Sharon, Rescuebet brand ambassador. Most people have a common belief that casino gambling only involves luck. While luck does figure a lot in casino games, know that you are not entirely under its yoke when playing. You still get to have the ability to choose when, what, and how you play the games available in it, after all. After all, it is by being disciplined and taking the time to research on slot games that you can steer your direction towards more lucrative experiences in online casinos. In this video, you will be able to know some of the most logical and simple online casino gambling strategies that work.

Strategy #1– Pinpoint the Slot Game’s RTP

RTP in slot games means Return to Player, and it refers to the total percentage of gambled money that has to be paid back by online slot games to gamblers. This is usually based on the number of spins you have done as well as the amount of time you have spent in the game. Games with RTP that is more than 95% are recommended.

Strategy #2– Don’t Rush the Spins

The key to making more at slot games is to have the patience to slow down while playing. Yes, it is still based largely on chance, but slowing down will certainly let you extend your bankroll. If you used to do 200 spins per hour, then it is probably wise to tone this down to 100.

Strategy #3– Play at Tournaments

Simply put, tournaments do not require you to be constantly reaching into your pocket to make a killing. You only have to invest a given amount of money, pay an entrance fee, and you just have to play casino games as usual. Online casinos host poker, slots, and blackjack tournaments, and they often reward money to players who just secure a certain ranking. You do not necessarily have to come out on top to win something.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Hesitate to Grab All the Casino Bonuses Being Offered

These might include bonus credits upon signing up and topping up your wallet, cashback, promos, and gifts. The point is to make it a point to avail of all of them. Missing out on them can be equated to losing out on building your bankroll too.

Thanks for watching this online casino gambling strategies video! Stay tuned for more helpful and informative content that we will share in the future in this Online Casino video series. Good Luck!


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