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Redbet sportsbook is operated and registered in Malta by Evoke Gaming. The license was issued in 2019 and is valid for five years before Redbet is required to renew its license. Redbet is also part of the fair and safe gaming initiative, ensuring only legal and qualified individuals can legally place wagers on the platform. The first prompt when accessing Redbet asks punters if they’re over 18 to access Redbet to sign up or make a wager. Punters have their information safeguarded and secure when operating on Redbet. Redbet is ISO 27001, which dictates what information is collected (name, address, payments, etc.), how information is used, and security measures to protect such information. All sportsbooks listed and reviewed by Rescuebet have valid licenses, including CMD368, SBOBet Maxbet, M8Bet, Pinnacle sportsbook, and Redbet. Punters can make wagers with registered sportsbooks with the assurance a punter is making legitimate and fair wagers online.

Bet In Rescuebet Platform
Bet In Rescuebet Platform

Features Of Redbet Sportsbook

Some of the features of Redbet sportsbook include access to several sports games, access to thousands of wagers weekly, access to bonuses, wagers on other types of betting events, and ensuring responsible gaming.

1. Access To Several Sports Games

Punters can make wagers on several sporting events from anywhere across the globe. Redbet covers sports such as NBA in the USA, the EPL in England, the Rugby League in South Africa, the KFC Big Bash in Australia, the India Premier League in India, the French Tennis Open in France, the Monaco Grand Prix in Monaco, and several global sporting events. Apart from global sporting events such as the Olympics, punters can also place wagers on regional events such as derby races, motorsport races, swimming competitions, snooker matches, and other sports across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, island nations, and regions in the Americas.

2. Access To Thousands Of Wagers

Punters gain access to tens of thousands of wagers every week through multiple betting markets within each sport or sporting event. A betting market allows a punter to make a wager on specific betting events within a sporting event. For example, instead of making a wager on the outcome of a game, a punter can make a wager on the handicap market, the Asian handicap market, the over/under need, BTTS market, FTTS market, corners, highest scorer, and several types of betting markets across different sports. Accessibility on the platform ensures punters across Asia and Europe can access Redbet in a preferred language such as English, Norsk, Suoeksi, Deutsch, Espanol, Turk, Portugues, or an international format. Ease of access ensures punters feel comfortable operating on a betting platform in a preferred language, layout, and betting features.

3. Responsible Gaming

Several unregistered or illegitimate providers enable irresponsible gambling. Irresponsible gambling is helping punters with a betting problem or addiction to continue to gamble. Such an act can hurt health, finances, and well-being. Most registered and authentic providers that care about their punters have a responsible gaming policy in place. Anyone (including a punter) can use the responsible gaming policy to inform the provider that someone has a gambling problem or addiction. The provider takes steps to moderate how much a punter can gamble or cut a punter off for a particular time. Punters even have the option of taking a self-assessment test to gauge and see how much time and resources are spent on online gambling.

4. Other Gaming And Betting Options

Outside Redbet sportsbook, punters can also make casino wagers, access live dealers (on blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat), and play slot games (by providers such as Microgaming and Play’n Go). With live betting, punters can interact with live dealers digitally, are not restricted by upper betting limits, and access games from different camera angles, making online casino wagers more immersive than ever.

5. Exclusive Bonuses

Punters can utilize exclusive bonuses when accessing Redbet through the Rescuebet platform. Signing up on Rescuebet enables punters to access a host of bonuses applicable on sportsbook wagers, casino games, sign-up bonuses, slot games, fishing games, horse racing, and other bonus wagers.

Some of the current exclusive bonuses punters can access on Rescuebet include an 11% rebate on losses during losing weeks and a 50% welcome bonus for first-time punters up to USD 500. Other extras available include an 8% redeposit bonus on slot games, a 150% sign-up bonus on fishing games, a 100% welcome bonus for slot games, a 12% rebate on casino losses, and a 15% rebate on slot game losses.

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