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Mastering Mix Parlay Bets: Your Guide To 2023 Sports Betting

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Online sports betting has gone a long way in 2023. Punters have access to several types of sports and betting markets to make wages on. In the past, punters were always limited to betting services available nearby. A sportsbook in a small town in Europe or America was unlikely to host remote games in South East Asia and vice versa. Today, punters can access multiple betting markets and make wagers on one or several games before a game or in-play online. Some punters prefer using multiple sportsbooks for the different features and perks of each sportsbook. With more sportsbooks and access, punters also faced a dilemma of learning, adapting, executing, and profit. They produced podcasts, videos, articles, and content to help punters make better wagering decisions. One key feature is combining different betting strategies into a single system, such as a mixed parlay bet.

What Is a Parlay Bet?

To understand a mixed parlay bet, we need to understand what a parlay chance is. A parlay combines more than one wager on different games or sports into a single wager. The key feature of a parlay wager is that a punter cannot pick two or more stakes or types of changes from one game. Each chance must be on the outcome of a different game. For a punter to win a parlay wager, all results bet on must win.

What Is a Mix Parlay Bet?

A mix parlay is the same as a parlay bet, except in the former, a punter has to make a wager in different sports for each other parlay. A punter can make a wager on two or more different soccer matches in the same or different leagues in a regular parlay wager. However, a punter must place a mixed parlay wager on two or more sports such as football and rugby, cricket, football, and boxing. A punter must consider making a wager on a new mark for the mix parlay wager to payout for each new bet.

Features Of a Mix Parlay Bet

Some of the features of a mixed parlay bet include betting on multiple sporting events, winning rules, higher payouts, and void games.

1. Multiple Sporting Events

A punter has to make a wager on at least two different sporting events such as football and swimming for a mixed parlay wager. A punter can make a mixed parlay on as many games or betting events as possible. However, as the number of betting events increases, the probability of winning decreases, and the payout starts to increase, compounding the winnings of all games into a single bet.

2. Winning rules

All wagers made must win; otherwise, the punter loses the entire amount staked. If the punter wins some of the chances but loses even one of the called matches, the punter loses the whole amount wagered since all bets made are combined into a single bet. Different sportsbooks have different betting and winning rules regarding the types of sports and match a punter can wager on and the odds for the wager.

3. Higher Payouts

A mix parlay has a higher payout when combined than making a wager individually for each sport. Adding the odds of multiple stakes enables compounding power, which effectively increases a punter’s total payout. High-rollers can create custom betting events by completing a list of matches to make a wager and submitting the list to a bookmaker or sports betting service. Based on the odds a punter receives, a punter can select a sportsbook with the highest profitability.

4. Canceled Games

Depending on the sportsbook, different rules and conditions apply. A punter can expect canceled games to be counted as void and refunded or desire to win a payout without considering the void wager. Other sportsbooks may only refund the initial amount staked or consider the bet as a loss for a punter.

5. Specialists vs. Generalists

Most punters tend to be specialists for specific betting markets, betting events, or sports to gain proficiency. Some other punters tend to be generalists because they may not be exceptionally proficient in one sport, but they can secure wagers across multiple betting markets and sporting events. Mixed parlay wagers require an element of both betting styles.

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