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Hollywoodbets is a sportsbook and betting service located in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Hollywoodbets International is a global sportsbook and betting provider that operates outside the United Kingdom towards a worldwide audience. Both companies have a joint owner.

Features Of Hollywoodbets

Some of the critical features of Hollywoodbets and Hollywoodbets International include access to boosted odds, access to wagers in the top sports leagues, access to a wide range of types of sports, legitimate sponsorships, specific wagering terms and conditions, and manual account betting limits.

1. Access To Boosted Odds

Few bookies or betting services enable punters to make wagers on boosted odds games or markets. Access to increased odds is one of the main features of Hollywoodbets that attracts millions of customers a year to make wagers with the platform. Boosted odds carry a boost for a specific betting market such as Moneyline, goals market, totals market, or detailed participant/squad. The increase in odds incentivizes a punter to make a wager on a specific outcome with the chance for a much higher payoff (through boosted odds).

2. Access To Top Leagues

Apart from access to a wide range of sporting events, matches, tournaments, and leagues, punters can make wagers in any or all of the top companies in the world. For example, a punter can place a bet in any game in the Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, the MLS, the NBA, the Rugby League, the NFL, the Superbowl, the World Cup, or any other top league or tournament from anywhere across the globe. As popular as Hollywood is to cinema fans, Hollywoodbets aims to be for punters and betting fans by catering to popular demand.

3. Wide Range Of Sporting Events

Punters can make wagers on many sporting events on Hollywoodbets International sportsbook. Some of the events punters can make wagers in include football, American football, basketball, boxing, cricket, curling, darts, futsal, horse racing, Gaelic football, golf, handball, ice hockey, MMA, the UFC, the Rugby League, the Rugby Union, snooker, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, the Olympics, and other sporting events from all corners of the globe.

4. Sponsors

Hollywoodbets International has partnered with several prominent partners such as La Liga, Brentford Football Club, The Sharks, The Murray Cup, The Dolphins, Kingsmead, and other top platforms, teams, and organizations. With complete sponsorship contracts across multiple events, Hollywoodbets is becoming a better-known brand among punters, football fans, horse racing fans, rugby fans, and more. While sponsorships may not mean much to current users on a platform, it enables punters to retain trust in the forum they use. If a venue isn’t growing, punters will incorporate more features, betting services, and facilities. Punters are less inclined to stick with that service, and new punters may not be incentivized to join the betting platform for the reason of novelty.

5. Terms And Conditions

Punters need to know some terms and conditions, including service to punters at least 18 years or older, licensing in the United Kingdom, a valid payment method to add and withdraw funds, ensuring accounts are active for over a year at a time, and access to different types of limits. For any complaints or disputes, punters can contact support through a live chat feature on the website or by contacting hollywoodbets

6. Account Limits

Punters can set account limits based on their betting style, level of acceptable risk, the betting funds they have, and the betting system they utilize. Punters can set deposit limits per day, per week, per month, a limit for each wager, a day, a week, and a limit for the month. Each type of limit is designed to help protect a punter from not making risky wagers or being exposed to too many bets. A punter can set a daily limit, a maximum limit per bet, and a monthly limit and operate within these three restrictions. By not spending more than $10 on each wager, $100 a day, or $1500 per month, a punter can ensure they’re making wagers within their limits and not overextending their budgets.

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