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Pinnacle Sports Sponsored HotForex

Pinnacle Sports Sponsors Brazilian HotForex blog featured imagePinnacle Sports Sponsors Brazilian HotForex blog

In October 2020, Pinnacle sports announced a new partnership with the Brazilian gaming organization HotForex as one of Santos HotForex’s main sponsors. It was reported in the middle of COVID-19, an unfortunate pandemic that affected all sports across the globe and especially Esports, with gamers unable to compete in professional tournaments and several leagues and tournaments postponed until things return to normal. However, despite the pandemic, a few Esport teams have shown resilience by attracting investments when investors are unwilling to part with their funds. The sponsorship indicates the faith Pinnacle sports has in HotForex and also establishes HotForex as a premier and global gaming organization capable of attracting international investors in the form of Pinnacle sports. Esports gaming and betting have grown to form new segments in sports and betting markets across the globe. Unfortunately, sports and Esports events suffered losses because of a lack of events, no fans allowed in stadiums, travel bans, and global restrictions. With more events rolling out in 2021 and even more planned for 2022, Pinnacle sports is taking the right direction by securing a sponsorship agreement with Santos Hotforex for the future.

Santos HotForex Esports

HotForex or Santos HotForex is an Esports team based out of Brazil in South America that competes globally. The team was initially called Santos Esports and changed its name after its sponsorship agreement with global foreign exchange firm Hotforex, a broker for foreign exchange currencies. As per the new sponsorship agreement, Santos decided to include HotForex as part of its name, giving birth to Santos HotForex Esports.

In 2015, Santos was sponsored by Dexterity and was called Santos Dexterity. The sponsorship deal ended in 2018 with Santos signing a new agreement with HotForex. Currently, Santos HotForex Esports has gaming teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Other current sponsors of Santos HotForex include Nimo Tv, an online streaming platform. Some of the trophies and competitions won by Santos HotForex include CBLOL Winter 2020, BRCC Summer 2020, BRCC Winter 2019, Superliga ABCDE S-2 2018, Logitech G-Challenge 2018, BRCC Summer 2019, etc.

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle sports is a gaming website established in 1998 and was called Pinnacle Sports. It established itself as a company that provides punters with several betting solutions. Punters can access the website to make wagers, download tools, and betting software, and Pinnacle sports has also started to invest and sponsor growing Esports teams in a growing betting market. By 2006, Pinnacle sports shifted its entire operations online as an online sportsbook, online bet maker, and online casino gaming curator.

Pinnacle sports was one of the earliest bookmakers to accept wagers on Esports bet, with the first bet back in 2010. With over a decade’s experience in making and accepting wagers in Esports, Pinnacle sports is a leading bet maker in Esports tournaments, matches, and bets. In Esports alone, Pinnacle sports hosts over 3000 live betting events every 30 days. Punters also gain access to over 100 unique betting markets within each Esports event. Apart from in-play options punters can make in real-time, punters can also make wagers on matches before they have started with more than 6500 betting events to select. Some of the games punters can make wagers on including Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft 3, Starcraft Broodwar, Rocket League, King of Glory, World of Tanks, CS: GO, DOTA, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, etc.

HotForex And Pinnacle Sports Partnership

Towards the end of 2020, Pinnacle sports and HotForex released a statement announcing a partnership together. Both firms hold the block in both parties’ mutual interest and are keenly followed by other Esports competing teams, Esports punters, and Esports fans. As part of the sponsorship agreement, Pinnacle sports can promote and advertise for CS: GO on behalf of HotForex, with sponsorship for other games such as FIFA series, PES series, Wildrift, Players Unknown Battlegrounds, Valorant, and other popular titles in the pipeline.

Pinnacle sports will also act as brand jersey sponsors and have Pinnacle sports printed on Santos HotForex’s jerseys during official competitions, contests, streams, and promotions. The promotion will mutually benefit Santos HotForex and Pinnacle sports. Pinnacle sports will gain brand promotion, advertisement, and potential customers through the partnership and hopes that punters who want to bet on Esports games will use Pinnacle sports as their betting provider. Santos HotForex gains from this partnership by acquiring a new investor, a healthy valuation, signing up with a well-established and trusted sportsbook, brand recognition, and more.

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