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5 Table Tennis Betting Strategies

5 Table Tennis Betting Strategies blog featured image5 Table Tennis Betting Strategies blog

Table tennis is a fast-paced game played between two to four players. The indoor game has grown in popularity with sports fans and betting fans across the globe in the last four decades since it was included as a professional Olympic sport. Several players from China have won grand slams in tennis except for one player from Sweden in 1992. As more punters make wagers on the sport, it’s essential to understand table tennis betting strategies to win better.

Top 5 Table Tennis Betting Strategies

The top 5 table tennis betting strategies for punters include the type of table tennis match, the odds on each game or player, each player’s form, head-to-head stats, high margin set wins, and utilizing various betting markets.

Type Of Match

Punters need to consider the various types of table tennis games on which they can place wagers. A punter can make a wager on a men’s singles match, a women’s singles match, a men’s doubles match, a women’s doubles match, or a mixed doubles match. Apart from the type of game, a punter also needs to consider matches or tournaments to place wagers. Different tournaments take place in various locations giving the home players a slight edge in home games. Punters can make wagers on local tournaments, international tournaments, and even the Asian Games and the Olympics.

Betting Odds

The odds determine the payout a punter can expect for making a wager. The most common bet in table tennis betting is wagering on the match outcome, and the odds are straightforward. The player most likely to win will have lower odds, a lower payout, and a higher probability of winning. The player most likely to lose will have higher odds, a higher payout, and a lower likelihood of winning. New players and players who never won a significant tournament also have higher odds and a lower probability of winning. Different sportsbooks price odds differently; however, the odds are better priced for professional games versus amateur games. Punters have more opportunities for value bets in amateur games where the potential for mispriced odds are high.

Form And H2H

As is with any sport, a player’s form is critical in determining how they are likely to perform competitively in the future. A player’s form can decide a match and tournament outcome in table tennis, and players are ranked or seeded based on past performances. The player with seed 1 is most likely to win the tournament, while the top 10 seeded players are likely to have a strong finish in most games. Sportsbooks utilize player rankings to determine the odds and payout a punter receives for making a wager on a favorite or underdog. Head-to-head games also determine how players perform against each other based on strengths, weaknesses, and past results. If two opponents haven’t played each other competitively before, then head-to-head games may not factor into the odds. In this case, the player’s seeding will play a more critical role than head-to-head statistics.

Big Set Wins

Table tennis is played in sets similar to tennis. And in both games, players can win a stage or lose a group by a considerable margin. If a significant margin wins the first set, most new punters would assume they will play the game similarly. However, after the first set, the player with the higher-margin win will have a lower payout, and the player with the losing margin will have a higher payout. In some cases, this could represent a mispriced bet depending on the factors that caused the wide margin of defeat in the first place.

Utilizing Various Betting Market

Punters can make wagers before the start of a tennis match or tournament using fixed odds. Alternatively, punters can also make wagers after the beginning of a game using in-play betting markets. Some of the table tennis betting punters can access over and under need (games, points, etc.), match winner, set winner, point winner, handicap betting markets, correct score, and player points. Some betting markets are easier to predict depending on the opponents or teams playing. For example, a player may better serve and gain more serve points throughout a game. A punter can make a wager on the serve points betting market, which can be easier to predict versus predicting the outcome of the tennis match.

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