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5 Snooker Betting Strategies

5 Snooker Betting Strategies blog featured image5 Snooker Betting Strategies blog

Snooker is a table sport played between two and four players. The game gained popularity in the last century in India and the United Kingdom. The player’s objective in each game is to score the highest number of points in each set to win the most match sets. The top winnings of snooker are much lesser when compared to the winnings in top professional tennis tournaments, golf tournaments, boxing games, table tennis tournaments, and other sports. However, the average winnings for each match are increasing each year as the sport grows more prevalent in newer markets such as South Asia, East Asia, and South-East Asia. Currently, players can expect to receive up to half a million Pounds for winning an individual World Snooker Championship. With an increase in wins and fans, more punters are also making wagers on snooker games and snooker tournaments. While more punters making wagers helps make the sport more popular, not all punters adopt the right snooker betting strategies. With the right snooker betting strategies, punters can make the right wagers at the right time and create a more consistent betting profit.

Snooker Betting Strategies

  • The snooker betting strategies include:
  • Making wagers on points.
  • The fouls in a game are based on the player’s ranks.
  • Making wagers on tournaments after games between top players.

1. Seeded players

Snooker players are ranked based on the tournaments won, league performances, and winnings accumulated over their careers. Snooker players are seeded for a game based on the rankings of the participants in that tournament. Understanding a player’s ranking and their seed for a match or tournament will give a punter a rough idea in which direction a game is most likely to play out. However, sportsbooks usually provide a lower payout for higher-ranked players unless they receive multiple wagers for the underdog.

2. Wagers On Points

The objective of snooker is to outscore your opponent before the balls are shot into the pockets. Without fouls, snooker players can score a maximum of 147 points split between two players on each set. Depending on the tournament, three to five groups make a game. A punter has the option of making a wager on the outcome of the snooker game, work on a set, chance on the total points scored, over or under, tournament winner, accumulator wager, handicap wager, and other types of snooker betting markets.

3. Wagers On Fouls

To snook in snooker is to place the cue ball in such a way to force the opposition to commit a foul. Sometimes, players may make a foul through an unforced error such as potting the wrong ball. Some players are better at committing fewer fouls, while others are better at forcing other players into committing fouls. Punters can place wagers in betting markets on fouls, fouls in a set, fouls in the game, first to spoil, etc. Different colored balls on the snooker table are worth extra points on scoring and fouls.

4. More Options

Until as recent as 2010, snooker punters had very little to cheer about in terms of options of wagers and betting markets. Very few games and tournaments were played on television or streamed online. Over the past decade, punters gained access to several betting options, streaming games, and contests. While the snooker betting market is relatively still in its infancy, punters can expect several more opportunities and betting markets to make wagers in the next ten decades.

5. Early Matches

In minor leagues and tournaments, top-ranked players often face each other in early games or knock-out stages. If one player wins a game against another top player early, then the player has an excellent opportunity to win the tournament. The player’s main top competition is knocked out early from the match, giving the punter a value betting opportunity with good odds.

Fun fact: The highest breakpoints a player can make without missing a single pot is 147. A 147-point break is also considered the perfect score in snooker. Ronnie O’Sullivan is the only player to score a 147-point break on 15 different occasions. The feat is quite rare, and any wager made on this betting market has some of the highest payouts in snooker betting.

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