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The Top Players To Watch In UEFA Euro 2020

Top Players To Watch In This UEFA EURO2020 Blog Featured ImageTop Players To Watch In This UEFA EURO2020 Blog

Club football is currently out of session (for the most part, at least). However, it is being replaced with something almost as good, if not better; the UEFA Euro 2020 games. We’re sure to have a lot of chills and thrills on this fantastic ride! We will not be only looking at how packed Euro 2020 stadiums will be and who will win UEFA Euro 2020, but this is also the best opportunity to see which young and upcoming football talent will finally break into all-out stardom soon. While many choose to see the delay of the UEFA Euro 2020 games as a form of delayed gratification, we are more than confident that the rising talents hoping to make a name for themselves here will do so much to everyone’s joy and entertainment.

  • Which talent will use this tournament to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd?
  • What are the names of the potential future talents to look out for here?

Without further ado, here are some Euro 2020 players we believe will soon become household names due to how they’re likely to perform in this tournament.

Name: Mikkel Damsgaard
Age: 20 (Born 3rd July 2000)
Country: Denmark
Current Club: Sampdoria

Ranking as arguably one of the truly hidden talents on our list, Mikkel Damsgaard is a starlet you want to watch out for. The potential that this player holds to break into the realm of legends is commendable. With two goals from two international caps and 35 appearances for Sampdoria that yielded a reasonable goal contribution, he is one for the future indeed. Although Kasper Hjulmand mightn’t use him so much, we’re sure that when he does step on the field, he’ll blow fans away!

Name: Reece James
Age: 21 (Born 8th December 1999)
Country: England
Current Club: Chelsea

At the moment, England has more than enough right-back Euro 2020 players. So it’s a fantastic feat in itself that not only has this player been called up to join the Three Lions in their UEFA Euro 2020 campaign, but Southgate might be considering him as his first-choice moving forward! Reece sets himself apart from other right-backs through the ease with which he can move in both directions. Little wonder he became integral to Chelsea’s lineup under Lampard so early on.

Name: Ryan Gravenberch
Age: 19 (Born 16th May 2002)
Country: Netherlands
Current Club: Ajax

Considering how well this Central Midfielder is doing at the club level, you can expect great things from him when he joins his national team in UEFA Euro 2020 stadiums this summer. In his relatively short stay with Ajax, he’s been crucial to the group claiming two KNVB trophies as well as two Eredivisie titles. Should Frank de Boer give him the field time he needs, you can be sure he’ll steal the stage.

Name: Pedri
Age: 18 (Born 25th May 2002)
Country: Spain
Current Club: Barcelona

What can you expect from someone who has been hailed as the best player in Barcelona this season, second only to Messi himself? Nothing but great things! The Canary Islands-born player earned his first major trophy with the club only a few months ago, and his appetite has been whetted for more. This star will be worth watching as Spain moves through the Euro tournament this summer.

Name: Ferran Torres
Age: 21 (Born 29th February 2000)
Country: Spain
Current Club: Manchester City

As yet another Spaniard makes this list, you now know for sure that boredom won’t be an issue whenever you watch the La Roja squad play. This Winger and Centre-Forward have been phenomenal to watch at the club and national level, contributing to each match he plays visibly. Looking at the shape of the squad that Luis Enrique will be taking on this campaign, this starlet will have no better time to steal the spotlight than now! Want to know which other young talents to watch out for? Then you don’t want to miss our next post!

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