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Euro 2020 Group A Predictions

Euro 2020 Group A Predictions Blog Featured ImageEuro 2020 Group A Predictions Blog

When they announced the 16th edition of the UEFA Euro, the buzz in the football community was about how games will turn out and what to expect. Since games are scheduled, and the first game is between Turkey and Italy, serious punters across the globe know that there is no better time like the present to get the opinion of experts on how the events in each group are most likely to transpire. Taking it from the very top, Rescuebet will be offering its analysis on the possible outcomes of the Euro 2020 Group A match-up as anticipated by some of the foremost sports analysts in the world. With evaluations also done on how the five other groups are likely to perform, make sure you don’t miss any of our updates.

Teams in Euro 2020 Group A

In no particular order, the teams featured in Euro 2020 Group A are Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, and Italy. The beauty of football is that something is always bound to go awry at some point. It is a massive part of what adds to the charm and overwhelming appeal of this game. However, barring a huge and unanticipated event turning things on their head, here is the way things are most likely to play out here.

Italy Performance In Euro 2020 Group A

Italy’s edge over the rest of the teams in Euro 2020 Group A is subject to debate. But even at that, because Mancini’s men will be playing on home ground, betting that this side will be the leading champions of Euro 2020 Group A is a safe assumption. Not only is the home advantage edge here crucial, the team he’s managed to build here is spectacular, and their zeal for excellence is without question.

Switzerland Performance In Euro 2020 Group A

With the first and second place in Euro 2020 Group A imaginably going to Italy or Turkey, the most feasible outcome here is that the Swedes will have to do a fierce battle with Page’s men so that they can place third. As it stands, the odds are in their favor here, going by their excellent performance in their Nations League group a while back.

Wales Performance In Euro 2020 Group A

Under the guidance of the former Manchester United star player, Ryan Giggs, Wales did quite well for themselves in the Nations League. However, they will need to do far, far better if they hope to overcome the hurdles of this stage. Following the harrowing trial of Giggs and Page’s takeover of the team, it remains to be seen if they have what it takes to proceed to the knockout stage of this tournament. Can Wales defy the odds and outperform the seemingly better teams in their group? It’s possible, but not likely.

Turkey Performance In Euro 2020 Group A

If Italy is the team favored to lead Euro 2020 Group A, you can bet that Turkey will close on their heels. However, Gunes’ team is in form and on fire, and if even Italy miscalculates this time around, Turkey won’t hesitate to deal them a crushing blow. Outside Italy, it is highly improbable that Switzerland and Wales will put up enough of a fight to beat this team.

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