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Euro 2020 Group A Analysis

UEFA EURO2020 Group A Analysis Blog Featured ImageUEFA EURO2020 Group A Analysis Blog

The closer we draw to the 11th of June, the more frayed nerves get as the Euro 2020 tournament inches closer to starting. As emotions swing widely from hope and trepidation to anxiety, tension, and excitement, one of the ways that fans and bettors alike can relieve these complicated feelings is to steep themselves in as much accurate data on the coming events as they can find. With kick-off approaching as each day passes, Rescuebet comes to the rescue here with a group-by-group analysis of the various teams that have been slated to perform in the European Championship games. A lot has changed since the postponement of the Eurogames a year ago, and more continues to change with each passing second.

For this reason, a steadying hand and professional guidance can prove so helpful to have at this time. A cursory glance at how each of the six groups expected to perform is arranged will show you that they are a wild mix of squads with various levels of skill, experience, and proficiencies when it comes to playing in games of this magnitude. However, seeing as variables differ so distinctly from one team to the next here, an objective analysis of the teams contained in each group can do a lot to claim your nerves are moving forward. Rescuebet is working hard to bring you an expert and accurate analysis of the contenders in these groups. Also, a well-detailed guide into how each team has been pegged to perform. As far as the Euro 2020 Group A mash-up is concerned, here’s the most relevant analysis on their capabilities as of this very moment.

The Wales Team In Euro 2020 Group A

The Wales squad is as likely to flounder as they are to float at the moment. The most immediate reason for their somewhat bleak future in Euro 2020 Group A can be immediately traced to the current situation of their coach, Ryan Giggs. As he is presently battling a severe assault charge, the team’s well-being is now in the hands of Robert Page. This unexpected turn of events, combined with star player Gareth Bale’s unpredictability, leaves Wales in a dangerous position in this tough group.

The Italy Team In Euro 2020 Group A

Italy was at an all-time low when Roberto Mancini took control of the team in 2018. They had just faced a crushing defeat against Sweden, and the group’s capabilities were in doubt. Proving himself as the right man for the job, Mancini revamped the team, making strategic changes and introducing fresh talents that breathed new life into the squad. Now, Italy can take on any team in their group without fear of defeat.

The Turkey Team In Euro 2020 Group A

Seno Gunes has whipped this side into shape, too, making them the dark horse no one must make the mistake of underestimating in Euro 2020 Group A. As a team that isn’t shy to score goals in abundance, they will be looking to rank very high by the time the group stage is over.

The Switzerland Team In Euro 2020 Group A

The Swedes have had it a little rough so far. Qualifying for Euro 2020 turned out more challenging than it should have been for them due to the conspicuous absence of their ace, Xherdan Shaqiri. But with injury woes now behind them, they will be looking to make it more profound than they ever have into the tournament in recent history.

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