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Euro 2020 Group B Analysis

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The European quadrennial championship competition, which was supposed to be held last year but was pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, finally arrived. The 24 teams containing a record 26 members each will be clashing across 11 Euro 2020 stadiums spread amongst 11 countries. The group stage is the first hurdle to cross to know who will become the Euro 2020 winners. The first match is scheduled for June 11th, while the last will go off on the 23rd of the same month to make 36 group stage matches played in total.

For viewers who follow the updates by Rescuebet on the 16th edition of this tournament, you would have seen our previous analysis on Euro 2020 Group A. As the second post along the same lines, we will be bringing you a detailed analysis of what is what in the Euro 2020 Group B division of this competition. You cannot ignore spotting contestants like Russia, Belgium, Denmark, and Finland, an analysis of where each contender currently stands can help you fine-tune your predictions more proficiently. Here is a lowdown of each participating team.

The Belgium Side

Roberto Martinez and his squad will be starting their Euro 2020 campaign fully aware that they are the favored side to come out on top in Euro 2020 Group B. Ranked as the number one team by FIFA for three years straight now, the Belgians will be looking to further seal their spot as one of the best squads on the globe starting June 12th. The country’s Golden Generation of players has grown more proficient and skillful under this expert coach’s expert guidance and ministries. And with only one loss in more than ten games, they are a side to watch closely.

The Denmark Side

Ranked 10th in the world, the Danes are not hiding that they will do everything possible to make up for not qualifying for the Euro games four years ago. Flourishing quite splendidly under Hjulmand, their formation for the duration of this tournament will mostly center on Kasper Schmeichel and main man Christian Eriksen. However, while they are beyond sound at the back, the absence of a sufficiently capable Goalscorer in their ranks may prove to be their undoing.

The Finland Side

As one of only two debutants in this prestigious competition, some would say that the Finnish squad has done well enough to make it this far. However, the Huuhkajat look determined to push their luck as far as it will take them here. Counting on Glen Kamara and Teemu Pukki for the most part, Markku Kanerva’s men intend to make their maiden voyage into this tournament a venture their contenders will rue.

The Russia Side

Depending mainly on the likes of Goalscorer Artem Dzyuba and Aleksandr Golovin, Coach Stanislav Cherchesov is set to lay their claim to the Euro 2020 trophy. However, the probability of running a successful campaign for them in the group stage is slim, at best. Even with two games to be played on home ground, the Russians may not be able to do much as their contenders might prove too fierce and ruthless on the pitch.

The Final Word

Ultimately, it would take a significant offset for either Belgium or Denmark not to qualify here. Their crop of players is heads and shoulders above the rest, and neither side is lacking in resolve. On the other hand, Russia may come in third place, or Finland might prove too challenging, taking Stanislav’s side with them as they crash out.

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