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UEFA Euro 2020 Turkey Versus Italy Previews

UEFA Euro 2020 Turkey Versus Italy Previews Blog Featured ImageUEFA Euro 2020 Turkey Versus Italy Previews Blog

Hope and anticipation are ramped up to the highest level as the Euro 2020 summer games will officially start in a few days. After much delay and speculation over the capacity status of Euro 2020 stadiums due to the pandemic, everything looks to be in order now, and we can finally see our stars entertain and impress us. This time around, opening the action in the tournament is the Euro 2020 Group A face-off between Turkey and Italy on June 11. If you’re a bettor in need of credible predictions and accurate odds considerations, then Rescuebet analysis of this event will come in handy for you!

Similarities Between The Two Teams

Right off the bat, a cursory side-by-side comparison of the two sides will show that they have a lot in common. Some similarities that they share include that they both missed out on the 2018 Russia Cup and have displayed a real hunger to make up for that. They also both cruised through their qualifying games, taking only minimal damage in the process. In addition to this, Turkey has Senol Gunes while Italy is currently led by Roberto Mancini, both prominent coaches in international football. With Turkey and Italy tied in so many places, what does that mean for their meeting on the pitch?

The Betting Odds To Expect

With two teams being matched, every slight advantage counts. However, since Mancini’s side will be playing this match on home ground, the advantage here goes to them as they will have far more fans to cheer them on. So, the betting odds look to price Turkey as the underdogs in this encounter at 7.50, while you can wager on the Italians with 1.50 odds. Consequently, a tie in this match will carry 3.80 odds.

Predictions Based On Precedents

The 16th edition of the Eurogames adds a little spice to each encounter due to the edge it gives some teams over others to play on home ground. In this case, that works in Italy’s favor. However, Italy’s record in UEFA Euro 2020 is far from favorable as the last time they won it was in 1968. Since then, they’ve made it to the final round twice, only for them to lose out. And while the lineup that Mancini will be bringing out here has an attractive blend of versatile new talents and experienced, old hands, the road to victory will be a hard one. It is something the coach himself realizes and admits.

On Turkey’s side, things seem to be looking up, primarily due to the seasoned contributions of Gunes. Building the team’s core around new talents, the results he has been getting have been quite impressive, as they managed to take points from even France in a previous encounter. With confidence, talent, and morale so high on both sides, the outcome of June 11’s clash remains up in the air.

How To Bet

From all sides, it would seem that both these teams have strong defensive capabilities, effectively meaning that the goal margin in this gap will be a small one. This analysis is by the fact that the two teams lack an influential all-out Goalscorer. Thus, while Italy is ultimately favored to win this encounter, it is very likely to be a close call. See here to check the odds for this match on Rescuebet.

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