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5 Volleyball Betting Strategies

5 Volleyball Betting Strategies Blog Featured Image5 Volleyball Betting Strategies blog

Volleyball is a famous team sport with an Olympic presence of over 55 years. Fans can place wagers on the Olympics, and several movies and series are based on volleyball and strategies such as Haikyu, the Air bud series, etc. Thus, fans helped the sport gain prominence among sportsbooks across the globe. Several bookmakers report a growing trend of existing punters making wagers on volleyball games and an influx of new bettors betting on different volleyball betting markets. With more volleyball punters, sportsbooks extended their services to include more volleyball betting markets. Other betting markets require different betting strategies and betting systems for punters to make a profit.

Volleyball Betting Strategies

The top 5 volleyball betting strategies include making wagers on domestics and nationals, tournaments, in-play versus pre-game bets, wagers on points, and wagers on other similar sports.

1. More Wagers On Nationals

Punters tend to make more wagers on well-known or more popular tournaments such as the Olympics, the Volleyball Nationals, etc. It is because national games can be more brutal to predict, and if they’re easy to predict, a punter stands to win only a marginal profit. Since more punters are drawn to the main events, some sportsbooks receive fewer wagers for domestic volleyball tournaments. A lower number of bets can skewer the odds on offer. Punters on the prowl can make a profit from a value betting situation or mispriced odds in unpopular games or unpopular betting markets.

2. Betting On Tournaments

Making wagers on tournament winners or finalists gives punters incentive to follow games every week or for most of the season. However, volleyball season can take months before a result is determined. In addition, the first few games can evaluate a team’s form. Therefore, punters are advised to make wagers once the tournament starts and based on the teams participating in the league. Betting on games requires patience and advice after a punter makes wagers on volleyball match outcomes and other types of volleyball betting markets. Some tournaments are played with a lighter intensity or used for practice. Punters have a higher probability of losing wagers on such games because teams field different players or try new strategies in such tournaments and leagues. Other tournaments require high endurance played in 20 days, and the best or highest-ranked team may not be the same team with the most increased endurance.

3. In-play Versus Standard

Punters can make wagers with fixed odds before the start of the game. Factors that influence the odds before starting a game include form, squads, injuries, location, size of the ground, etc. Alternatively, punters can make wagers after the start of a match and place in-game bets. Factors that impact in-game chances include points scored; cards received, possession, match influence, squad formations, service points, etc. However, while in-play wagers give punters flexible betting options, it also enables punters to make more frequent emotionally charged wagers. As the game flows and other factors come into play, punters may make a wager based on emotion rather than backed by statistics. For punters making in-play wagers, punters also need to set out the minimum level of risk and the range of odds to make a wager.

4. Most Points

Punters can make wagers on players to score the most points in a match or the most points in a tournament. Punters can expect high odds and payout for accurately predicting the most points scored by a player. Wagers are made on most times a player to prevent another from achieving through blocks. Some players are adept at scoring while others are adept at blocking, and bets are made on either or both. Punters can also make wagers on catching, net foul, line foul, over-the-line foul, and other types of faults.

5. Other sports

Punters that make wagers on volleyball also tend to make wagers in other similar sports. Different variations punters can make stakes include beach volleyball (played on a beach), biribol (played in water), Ecua-volley (played with a heavy ball), handball, snow volleyball, throwball, and several others. The rules and betting markets vary from sport to sport, but the principles remain the same across all sports, similar to volleyball.

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