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Flat Bets, Negative And Positive Betting Systems

Online Roulette betting systems: Flat, Negative and Positive

Flat bets, negative and positive Online Roulette Betting StrategiesFlat bets, negative and positive Online Roulette Betting Strategies

Roulette is an even-money game. Many punters believe that it is a game based on chance, even comparing it to slot machines in some cases. Years of trial and error have led bettors to devise betting systems and strategies that can be used to gain an advantage over the casino bookmakers. Roulette has emerged as a popular attraction in almost every casino, both land-based and online considered. The transition from physical roulette tables into online gambling platforms has been quite lucrative for game fans. Though the house edge and basic expectations are the same, many wagers can be placed from any corner of the globe.

How Does The Online Roulette Game Work?

There is a wheel with 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers, and some American wheels; there will also be 2 green numbers. The numbers on the wheel correspond to numbers on the table upon which bettors make bets. The wheel is spun and lands on a particular number. If the bettor has created a winning selection, he earns cash.

Betting Systems In Online Roulette

There are broadly 2 types of betting systems that online roulette players have developed – progressive and non-progressive betting systems. These systems describe the various betting structures that are popular within roulette.

Progressive Betting In Roulette

All progressive betting systems instruct the bettor to modify their stake based on the previous wager’s outcome. To what degree and in which direction you change the stake depends on the type of betting system. For example, positive progression. This betting system instructs the bettor to increase the stake size while winning and decrease the stake size when experiencing losses. Good examples of effective positive betting systems are the Paroli system, Parlay system, Reverse Martingale, Reverse D’Alembert.

Standard Features Of Positive Betting Systems

  1. If used correctly, these systems could help maximize profits while minimizing the damage from losses.
  2. Each variation has both advantages and disadvantages. Bettors must consider which values and systems work best for their individual needs.

Negative Progression

In the next example, we look at the negative progression. These systems instruct the bettor to Increase stake size when losing and decrease stake size when a wager is successful. Good examples of effective negative progressive systems are the Martingale, The Grand Martingale, Labouchere system, Fibonacci system and,  D’Alembert system.

Common Features Of Negative Systems

  1. Wins come at greater stakes than losses. Thus, these methods are generally not advisable for players with a small bankroll.
  2. It’s hard to predict when you might encounter a losing streak. If one does not set reasonable spending limits, they can lose large sums of money quickly.

These progressive systems can help offset losses in the short run. However, relying on a betting system is sure to have disastrous results in the long run.

Non Progressive Betting In Roulette – Flat Bets

Flat betting is one of the most popular betting systems used in online roulette because of the simplicity of its approach. In flat betting, the bettors pre-determine a fixed amount that they will consistently wager on every play. Regardless of wins or losses, this amount remains constant. When considering this type of bet, experts recommend a few popular systems.

1. The James Bond

In this betting system, the bettor will bet 70% of his bankroll on high numbers–25% on 6 numbers between 13-18, and 5% on zero as insurance. This will allow bettors to accumulate earnings faster, but they would also need a large bankroll to manage their losses.

2. Andrucci System

In this betting system, the bettor needs to watch the wheel for 30-37 spins and note all the numbers with a greater winning frequency. The bettor will then place wagers on the number with the highest frequency for the next 10-35 spins or until he wins, whichever comes first.

Tips To Improve In Online Roulette

We take a look at some of the tips and strategies punters can use to win while playing online roulette:

1. The lower the house edge, the more you benefit

American roulette wheels have a high house edge of 7.89%, which is considerably worse than the European roulette wheel, which is a standard 5..26%. This means that you would be paying $2.63 to the casino for every $100 wager you place on an American table.

2. Try betting systems on even money bets first

When testing out the effect of different betting systems on your game, stick to even-money bets on simple propositions such as red-black, odd-even, high low rather than specific number bets.