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Parlay Betting System In Online Roulette

Online roulette and Parlay betting system

Using Parlay Betting System In Online RouletteUsing Parlay Betting System In Online Roulette

A Parlay may sound like something a pirate would strike with someone. However, in the world of betting, a Parlay betting system takes on a whole new meaning. A parlay bet is also called an acca or accumulator and combo or combination bet in certain circles. A parlay bet is based on a positive, progressive betting system (such as the Martingale system). A player decreases their next wager after a loss and increases their stake after successive wins.

What Is Parlay Betting?

Parlay betting isn’t as much a betting system as a type of bet (or multiple bets). A parlay bet is betting on more than one outcome (two or more results). The success of a punter winning a parlay bet depends on the punter getting all their bets right. You can effectively use a Parlay betting system for different types of sports and betting situations. Punters use parlay for soccer, football, online gaming, blackjack, roulette, and many more. In online roulette, punters place a wager in the first round, and if they win, they continue by letting their initial wager ride and placing a new wager for the next round. The punter can continue with the Parlay bet ride until a target has been hit (such as $100 or a streak of 5 wins). However, with a single loss, a punter loses the entire amount he could have won should the money be taken off the table.


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Features Of Parlay Betting In Online Roulette

Punters gain certain advantages when using Parlay betting system in online roulette. Some of the features include a higher payout, securing a bankroll from being wiped out, etc.

1.Higher Payout

Punters get a much higher payout when using a parlay betting system. It’s tough to predict several rounds consecutively and punters are incentivized for winning a parlay. For example, a correct parlay would look like this: on the first bet, the $10 bet gives $20, the second $20 gives $40, the third $40 gives $80, and so on. Punters can bet on different types of bets as part of the parlay. For example, a punter can bet on either red or black (1:1 odds), odd or even (1:1), high or low (1:1), column (2:1), etc.

2. Harder To Win

As mentioned earlier, parlay bets have a higher payout, making them harder to win. It’s generally rare for a person to predict multiple outcomes at one go correctly. Moreover, with each bet added to the parlay, the odds of a punter winning go down. Smaller parlay bets (7 or less) are reasonable and achievable, especially for punters trying to master the strategy.

3. More Profitable Than Individual Bets

A parlay bet is more profitable than making individual bets across different rounds. If a punter is on a streak with a parlay, it’s not the punter’s money that’s waged, but it’s money won from the house. So punters don’t put any of their own money for the other parlay bets apart from the initial bet for that round.

4. More Losses Than Wins In The Long Run

Eventually, with a parlay betting system, punters suffer more losses than wins in the long run. However, the impact of these losses is minimal and is more than offset with a single (or few) parlay bets.

5. You Don’t Get Wiped Out Right Away

Your entire bankroll doesn’t get wiped away on a single bet or a few bets with a parlay betting system. If you have a bankroll of $1000, you could place $10 as your base wager. That way, it would take you 100 losses to lose your entire bankroll, which is a lot harder versus 5 to 10 rounds.

6. Works Best On A Winning Streak

A parlay bet works best when a player is on a winning streak. Instead, it only works when a player is on a winning streak because the punter needs to get consecutive bets correct. With a single loss, the punter starts the next bet with a base amount (as set for previous bets). So if you’ve predicted a few bets accurately, then you could try to use the parlay betting system to make more profits.