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5 Handball Betting Strategies

5 Handball Betting Strategies Blog Featured Image5 Handball Betting Strategies Blog

Handball is a growing yet popular sport in Europe and other regions of the globe. The game is quite similar to small-court football, except that players use their hands to pass the ball and score goals. Outside Europe, handball is played and bet on in North African countries, South American countries, and East Asian countries. The origin of handball can be traced back to ancient Greece, where citizens of the State played for fun, socializing, and exercise. In the 1970s, handball gained official recognition after induction into the Summer Olympics and played every four years. Today, handball is a famous team sport enjoyed by millions of sports fans in various forms and arenas. Over 30 million handball players are registered with the International Handball Federation (IHF), the governing body for handball.

Handball betting strategies

The top 5 handball betting strategies punters follow include:

1. Other Betting Markets

A game of handball is played between two teams and consists of two halves. Each half is played for 30 minutes, while a whole match without extra time lasts for an hour. Thus, each game is fast-paced and is one of the main reasons handball has grown in popularity in the last 50 years. In addition, punters can make wagers in handball in the Olympics, the men’s championships, the women’s championships, the junior world championships, Asian domestic leagues, and European domestic leagues.

2. Spinoffs

Popular games always have spinoffs that may or may not be as popular as the original game. One of the games spun off from handball is beach handball. Beach handball is similar to handball, except for the location of the pitch. Beach handball is played on a sandy surface outdoors, and the ball doesn’t travel along the ground as it does on an indoor pitch. While punters can make wagers in both types of sports, punters have more betting options in handball versus beach handball.

3. A high Number Of Goals

Games of handball usually involve many goals by both teams or one of the two teams. A player scores a goal in handball by chucking the ball into the plan without entering the opposition goalkeeper’s D area. A player must release the ball into the purpose while jumping into the zone to score. Because of the short pitch and the ability to use hands, it is easier to achieve many goals in handball. Punters can make wagers on the number of team goals, above a certain number of goals in the game, the number of goals in half, goals over or goals under market, penalties, etc.

4. Hattricks

Considering each game of handball usually consists of 50 goals or above and is played between 6 players, hattricks are very common. Punters can track an individual player’s statistics and performances and make wagers on the hattrick betting market. Players can also score multiple hat tricks, and punters can win big profits if they can accurately predict the different types of goalscorer markets.

5. Rare Draws

One of the critical features of high-scoring games in any sport is the lower probability of the match ending in a draw. While draws aren’t unlikely, wagers on draw games tend to win rarely. Correctly predicting a draw result in handball can result in a big payout for the punter. In the handicap and Asian handicap markets, punters have a higher probability of winning a wager on a draw result since the teams are evenly matched from the start. Another critical feature of handball is the ability to make unlimited substitutions throughout the game. Teams with big rosters can switch specialists in and out of the game during attacking or defensive periods of play.

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