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Guide To Bet On Handball

How To Bet On Handball?

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Handball is a fast-paced indoor sport played between two teams. Each team has seven players and try to score a goal using a small round ball into a net using their hands. Hence, you get the name handball. Players must score before entering the opposition penalty area or while diving into it, but before landing. Because of the fast intensity of the game and the smaller pitch, several if not all the players can get on the score sheet with some top-scoring teams scoring up to 40 goals in a match, about 20 to 25 goals on average. The game adds in elements from football, basketball, hockey, 5-a-side football, and much more, making it a fan favorite at the Olympics. The game adds in elements of basketball as players must bounce the ball after receiving a pass or while moving with it. Only the keepers can play using their feet, like a football goalie. Several punters recently made wagers on handball games and the demand for more betting markets is only increasing. With this guide, punters can confidently bet on handball matches and tournaments and take the plunge.

Guide To Bet On Handball

Punters have access to several handball betting markets, betting competitions and matches, and strategies to follow. We take a deeper look at how punters can leverage this guide to making better profits on handball:

1. Understanding The Rules Of The Game

It’s easy for a punter or a fan to understand the rules, perks, and pitfalls of a sport like handball and betting on such an event by watching the game. Watching the game, following important statistics and matchups, etc. will give a punter an edge when reading and trying to understand the odds provided by various providers and compare the same.

2. Betting Markets

Betting markets extend to in-game bets and bets made before the start of the game. Punters new to the game should first get familiar with the rules of the game and then the betting markets he can bet on before the game. After that, a punter can take the next step and get familiar with in-play bets which have a lot more options but can be more difficult to understand right from the get-go. Different betting markets include betting on corners, yellow cards, fouls, goals scored, team lead, free kicks, penalties, and much more.

3. Competitions

Different competitions draw in different participants from across the globe, making each tournament or trophy unique in terms of representation. Moreover, some competitions are fiercely competitive as compared to others and can be harder to make an accurate prediction. Punters can place a bet on a favorite when a strong team features in a weak competition or place a bet against a team (underdog) in a much stronger group or competition. The payout for some tournaments can be worth more than others depending on the popularity and betting markets.

4. Strategies

Irrespective of which sport a punter chooses to bet on, a betting strategy is essential for a punter to use as a betting framework while placing bets. Examples of strategies include the Paroli betting strategy, accumulator betting strategies, Martingale betting strategy, Labouchere betting strategy, and more. It’s important for a punter to test out a strategy during different betting situations to see which best suits an individual’s betting style and betting strategy.

5. Streaming Services

With the growth of streaming services, more live sports are featured online and this includes handball as well. While handball still has a way to go, punters can watch local, national, and international handball matches from a mobile or computer. As more punters learn the sport and navigate how to bet on it, more betting markets, betting options, sponsors, advertisements, etc. come up. This, in turn, helps fuel the growth of the sport.

Handball is similar to any other sport you don’t know well enough. If you get an opportunity to try the sport, that helps you understand how handball is played better, the strategies one could adopt, attacking and defensive positions, formations, and the best way to utilize a team at different phases in a game. You may also have fun playing the sport apart from the thrill of betting on handball. Subscribe to our blog and check out our guide to bet on various sports such as hockey, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, etc.