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Guide To Bet On Rugby

How To Bet On Rugby Games?

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Rugby is one of the most lethal contact team-sport. The sport consists of two teams with 15 players each on the field at any given time. In the United States of America, rugby is called football (and football is called soccer), while the sport is called rugby in the rest of the world. While some of the rules vary from continent to continent, the overall objective, game, and scoring system remain relatively the same. Players from each team try to score by holding or kicking the ball to the opposite end. Because players can hold the ball, the ball used in rugby isn’t a conventional round ball. Rugby players use an oval or egg-shaped ball that’s easier to catch. With the growing popularity of rugby and fans across the globe, punters seek more betting options to bet on and make a profit. The competitive nature of the sport, the fast pace, and the strategy to pull off a play incentivizes fans to use rugby as a betting avenue. It’s essential that punters understand how they can make a profit when betting on rugby games, leagues, tournaments, and World Cups.

To Bet On Rugby

Punters can bet on various tournaments and leagues spread across different countries and make different types of in-play bets. We take a deeper look in the guide below on how punters can bet on rugby and win:

1. Types Of Rugby Bets

From the outside looking in, rugby may seem like a sport of brute force with a single objective. However, each live portion of the match is broken up into live plays. A play is a sequence of events where a team tries to score a goal using a combination of kicking, passing, catching, running, and scoring a touchdown. While brute force is an essential component of the game, teams that adopt different strategies during different plays tend to come out on top. This gives a punter several options to make different types of bets in a game. A punter can place a wager on the outright winner of the match, the most free-kicks, most touchdowns, lead at each quarter, lead during half-time, try, goal kicks, etc. Picking an outright winner can sometimes be hard especially if the teams are evenly matched. Punters can place side bets on obvious statistics based on past performances to profit rather than trying to pick a winner, loser, or a draw.

2. Countries And Leagues

Rugby is a popular sport played across the globe. Countries with the best rugby leagues, matches, and competitions include England, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, France, and several other countries. As more leagues and competitions gain popularity, so do they gain more screen time. And with popularity comes betting distinctions with the increase in demand for betting services. Punters can bet on games based on nationals, clubs, World Cups, Olympics, etc., A punter also has several options for making a bet as a punter isn’t restricted by international boundaries. In fact, punters can learn to bet on the more popular games before switching to more specialized games. More often than not, a punter can spot a good value bet in the lesser popular games. These are games that don’t have many followers and bettors.

3. Tactics And Strategies

Successful punters employ betting strategies and use betting tactics to achieve those strategies. A betting strategy could be an overall strategy such as picking a particular bankroll or betting unit for each round on each betting day/week. A punter could also employ a betting strategy that’s in line with the risk the punter is willing to take. First, a punter picks a match they would like to bet on. Then, they should scan through the side bets and in-game bets and see if they can spot an opportunity. An example of a tactic is betting on the home team to win 90% of the time. The reason is that the home team wins more than 50% of the time. The remainder is in draws or losses for the home team.

Selecting winners of games is an easier strategy than selecting the winners of a tournament with multiple teams participating. Some punters may feel like taking a risk to earn big rewards. Then, a punter could place an accumulator bet or betting on multiple outcomes from different games. A punter can also bet on who will score the first try. The odds are quite high for both types of bets and punters stand to make huge windfalls if they’re correct.