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Using Proportional Betting Strategy In Online Casino

Using Proportional Betting Strategy In Online Casino blog featured imageUsing Proportional Betting Strategy In Online Casino blog

Betting strategies are long-term solutions developed by bettors. They overcome any unfair advantage that sportsbooks place within the odds for their games. Betting systems calculate the most appropriate amount to initially stake. Such systems also enable a punter to understand to what degree to manipulate this initial stake depending on the outcome of the game. A recent study revealed that the amount you bet or stake is much more important than what you bet on. Betting strategies are essentially staking methods- methods of calculating the appropriate amount of money to spend on a bet. This helps punters sustain profits and minimize the impact of losses.

Types Of Betting Systems

There are essentially two categories of betting systems. They are progressive betting systems and negative progressive betting systems.

1. Positive progressive betting system

Positive progressive betting strategies instruct players to increase the initial stake when a player wins a bet.  A player subsequently decreases the stake of a bet when losing. The Paroli betting system, the reverse Labouchere, and the Reverse D’Alembert system are examples of positive progressive systems.

2. Negative Progressive betting system

Negative progressive betting strategies instruct players to increase the initial stake in the event of a loss. Subsequently, players revert back to the initial or original stake in the event of a win. These systems, however, are not recommended for players on a tight budget and are better suited to players with a larger or flexible bankroll. The Martingale Betting System, The Labouchere Betting System, and The D’Alembert Betting System are good examples of a negative progressive betting system.

Proportional Betting Strategy

This is a positive betting scheme that aims at growing your profits faster. Bettors, in fact, use proportional betting to manage and organize their payroll more effectively. A bettor calculates a fixed percentage depending on the total value of their bank, which is set as the initial stake. Most professional bettors agree that the most significant value is between 3-5% in order for the strategy to be most effective. Players can use their judgment to determine what works best for them. With a fixed percentage in mind, the bettor consistently increases their stake by the same rate every time they win. Another essential feature of this financial system is that when the bettor experiences a win, the bankroll increases, but the percentage remains the same. Thus, the stake value is recalculated on the new bankroll, thereby improving a punter’s odds of winning.

1. More value than fixed betting systems

Without knowledge of betting strategy and efficient bankroll management, even the most well researched and passionate gambler will be unable to sustain positive growth in the long run. This betting system ensures that the number of successful bets will go up without too much damage to the bankroll while creating much more value than fixed betting systems.

2. Control the size of wagers

Proportional betting allows punters to control the size of wagers placed in proportion to the current value of the bankroll. Both fixed and proportional betting strategies have an 87% chance of delivering profits. However, only proportional staking also allows the player to modify bets depending on their judgment within a pre-determined range of values. This offers the player a degree of flexibility when wagering that aligns with the player’s goals.

3. Recalculate staked amount

One downside of the proportional betting strategy is that although the ratio is fixed, the stake value must be recalculated on every new bet on account of the changes in the bankroll amount. It’s vital for players to continue increasing their bets if they have success with the first few bets. If the player experiences a high degree of losses, experts, recommend that players reduce their bet size. A punter must reduce their bet size until their bankroll recovers enough to make more progress with this strategy.

4. Long-term betting system

Under this system, when players win, they tend to win big. But when a player loses, it takes a little longer to recuperate losses. This is what discourages players from placing huge bets that they aren’t likely to win, making them inherently more conscious of their own limits. Thus, we can conclude that a proportional betting strategy is more profitable and safer than fixed staking in the long run. It is less likely to yield a profit in a short period of time.

Using a Proportional Strategy in an Online Casino


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