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Proportional Betting Explained

Proportional Betting Explained Blog Featured ImageProportional Betting Explained Blog

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Today, we shall be looking at another betting strategy called proportional betting. What is proportional betting and how is it applied? Proportional betting is a sports betting strategy that considers all aspects that professional bettors regard as key. Whichever is your case, you need a solid bankroll, some good staking plan and demonstration of discipline to make a fortune with this principle.

With proportional betting, you get to place a set amount of money as a wager. This amount can be a proportion of your betting bank. When you use proportional betting, it means you are betting a small and set percentage of your betting bank, which is usually between 1% to 5%, on a game. The word “proportional” is because your bankroll will change with respect to your stake as you win or lose. At the time of placing each bet, your stake will be within the range of 1-5% of your bankroll. This method allows you to drop your stake slightly every time you lose to avert buildup of losses and steadily increases your stake anytime you win. This would consequently build your bankroll and guarantee a bigger profit from your sports betting activities. Here are some pros and cons…

Pros of Proportional Betting

When you use proportional betting, you are indirectly protecting your bankroll. With a small percentage of bankroll, it means you will never run out of funds. This betting system requires that you have a staking plan, a bankroll and discipline, which are elements of promoting good habits and improving success in the long term. Based on your convictions, you have the chance to modify your bets within a particular bracket.

Cons of Proportional Betting

Your patience would be tested and it takes a lot of time to accept that your bets may only take a small proportion of your bankroll per time, growing rather slowly. ROI will be very low with small growth seen in the short term. Overall, proportional betting can be considered if you are more concerned about achieving your long term goals. Whatever would be your potential downside can be catered to in that regard. MaxBet tips video series offers professional tips on understanding the importance of bankroll management. You can start using the proportional betting system today. And please stay tuned for more videos on the different sports betting strategies.

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