Constant Proportion Strategy In Online Roulette

Online roulette: Using a constant proportion strategy

Using Constant Proportion strategy In Online Roulette

Punters have more access to betting options today and will continue to have better access in the future. A punter can make an account and start betting from anywhere in the globe. However, successful punters adopt successful betting strategies that help them win consistently. While a punter may adopt and stick to a particular strategy, it’s crucial to always adapt and learn more. Not all strategies are successful. And since online roulette is easy to understand, a lot of punters are drawn to it. While a punter may play to profit or casually, using a constant proportion strategy can pay high dividends.


Constant Proportion Strategy

A constant proportion strategy is gaining popularity in online roulette. With this strategy, a bettor makes a wager using only a particular portion of their entire betting funds. The proportion of the bet remains constant concerning the bankroll. After a few bets, the proportion of the wagered bet still remains the same. However, the amount bet will vary based on how much funds a punter has after each bet. A player on a hot streak will have a larger stake bet with each win. A player on a losing streak will continue to bet a smaller stake of their entire funds with each loss.

With a constant proportion strategy, a punter is safeguarded against losing their entire funds too quickly. On the other hand, a player has the potential to bet and win more if they’re winning. A punter has limited downside risk and maximum upside potential.


Example of Constant Proportion Strategy

It’s essential to look at an example to better understand constant proportion betting on roulette. Suppose a punter has a betting budget of $1000 and he wants to make a bet. He wants to bet on the color black, which has a 50/50 chance of landing (red/black). The constant proportion is 10%.

Situation A – If a punter wins the bet – then he wins $100. So his total budget increases to $1100. If a punter decides to continue, they will bet 10%, which would be $110. This is an increase of $10 from the original first bet. If a punter lost his next bet instead, then he would lose $110. Situation B – If a punter loses the bet – then he loses $100. So his total budget decreases to $900. If a punter decides to place the next bet, then he must bet 10% of $900 or $90. If he loses his next bet as well, then his total betting budget will reduce to $810. The rate at which a punter loses starts decreasing.


Features of Constant Proportion Betting

Punters enjoy risk protection, have the advantage of rounding up numbers, utilizing a profitable constant and make various types of bets in roulette. Let’s take a look at some features of constant proportion betting that punters can benefit from:

1. Risk protection – a punter, doesn’t lose his entire betting budget on a single bet. Thus, a punter is protected against risks arising out of betting in roulette. While a punter may not win large amounts in the short run, they’re also protected from losing too much too quickly.

2. Easy to round up –  A punter’s actual bet in each successive round may vary in terms of the exact amount. A punter must use a number that’s easy to round up or a whole number.  This makes it easier to calculate for successive bets.

3. Find the right constant percentage – It’s essential to find the right consistent percentage a punter should stick to—the best constants for roulette range from 3 to 10%. Anything less than 3% leaves the punter with too little on the table, and constants above 10% might eat into the punter’s bankroll.

4. Types of bets in roulette – It’s important to understand the various types of bets a punter can make while playing roulette. A punter also stands to win at different rates based on the odds for each bet. A punter can make three types of bets:

  • Color – 1/1 (punters stand to win 100%)
  • Number – 1/37 (punters stand to win 37x)
  • Corner – 4/37 (punters stand to win 9.2x)

Pro tip: If you choose to bet on a red or black color, then the best constant proportion percentage to use is 10%. However, a punter playing for a number or corner should limit their constant proportion percentage to between 3 to 5%.